We’re Off to J. Crew to Make a Purchase

First and foremost….Thank you!

Thank you to all of you readers out there who sent me links to news about the – by now – infamous J. Crew ads of a mother painting her son’s toenails pink.  I love to see images of and know that there are other mothers out there raising sons like mine.  I love it.  Others don’t.

My favorite article about the ad is found here on CafeMom. 

I’m off to J. Crew to buy C.J. a little something for spring.

Don’t ever stop sending me things that you think I should see/read.  It takes a village….

P.S. If Beckett ever wants to playdate, C.J. is totally available.  If he were to get a “Friends and Family” discount at J. Crew all the better.

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7 Responses to We’re Off to J. Crew to Make a Purchase

  1. My 21 year old boyfriend every once in a while paints his nails bright blue and loves to paint his face with clown makeup (at the slightest occasion to do so). He also has long hair and wears guy-liner when he can and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and I love him for it ❤

  2. Jessica says:

    I watched a movie last night called “Bruno” according to Comcast, but “The Dress Code” according to imdb.com. It stared a little boy who wears dresses, even when his mother says he can’t wear them out of the house, the other boys at his catholic school are incredibly cruel, and the nuns try to blame it on him. He competes in the spelling bee at his school, and goes on to the national spelling bee–all while wearing fabulous dresses! I missed the first few minutes of the movie, so his fascination with dresses is somehow connected to angels, but the dresses slowly move from angelic, flowing white dresses, to something completely different. The movie is even complete with his best friend, a brave character who encourages Bruno to be who he is, even to the death. She asks the tough questions like “why do you wear dresses?” and “do you want to be a girl?”

    Although the movie is kind of corny and the ending is quite ambitious, it is still a great story, worth looking into!

  3. Melissa T says:

    Wow! Amazing something as simple as pink nails got so much exposure. And some of the comments I have read about how it will ” ruin ” the boy. Really? I was a short haired, jeans wearing tom boy as a girl and no one raised an eyebrow! How is this any different.

    I just wrote to J. Crew telling them next time my Chris wants a new dress or maybe a cute top that HE will be getting them from J. Crew 🙂

  4. I used to do my brother’s hair and makeup and paint his toenails– even up into Jr. High. And guess what, he’s as heterosexual male as one can get!! He just thought it was fun to do, and so did we. I guess I just don’t understand why this is such a huge “deal” to the general populace. Honestly, what little boy hasn’t clomped around the house in Mama’s high heels? My Little Man likes it when I let him use my makeup brushes and he mimicks what I’m doing as I put on my makeup. It is just how these kids learn the world around them– gay, straight, transgendered aside! If Little Man wants me to paint his toenails, I’m painting them! It will be fun.
    Go J. Crew for showing that moms and sons can have fun bonding over things like toenail polish!

  5. Blake says:

    Jon Stewart did a segment on this on the Daily Show. Hard to believe this has blown up like it has. What about the gum commercial where the girl is putting makeup on her little brother? That was cute. Why did that not get the same reaction?

  6. Jeremy says:

    Pretty interesting article about how Pink was used for boys and blue for girls. Give it a look, see what you think. I personally prefer Lavender. : )


  7. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    That is a great article. I love that the Mum and her son are so into each other – that’s the main thing, surely?

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