My Son’s Christmas Dress

photo 3

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4 Responses to photo 3

  1. I love this. If only there were more people in the world who could just let children be how they want to be.

  2. Stephanni B says:

    wow !!!! Beautiful im sure he feels great !keep helping him

  3. Don R. Holloway says:

    If CJ is truly happy with who he is, then you can be happy too. Everyone has a right to be happy with who they are and they shouldn’t have to face ridicule, teasing, or demeaning remarks from others. I am a straight heterosexual male, but if I were visiting you, and I met CJ in his dress, I would give him a hug and tell him he was beautiful. I am happy for all of you, but I’m sad too because I know that so many people will never accept him for who he is. That’s such a shame.

  4. chris h says:

    Beautiful. C J is very special. Keep on loving him

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