And, the Handsome in Pink Winner is……

Last week I announced a giveaway from Handsome In Pink. Thanks to everybody who checked out the Handsome In Pink website and entered to win! The super lucky winner is commenter #54, Jesse R.! Congrats, Jesse, C.J. picked your name out of his purple velevet handbag and then got upset because he thought he had to give you his Handsome In Pink shirt. Once he learned that you won your own Handsome In Pink shirt, and not his, he was happy for you.

In my last post I mentioned that we hadn’t seen a rainbow in Colorado. That all changed on Wednesday, much to C.J.’s delight.

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2 Responses to And, the Handsome in Pink Winner is……

  1. Jesse says:

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you C.J.’s Mom, Jo and of course a special thank you to C.J. I wouldn’t dream of taking away your wonderful shirt and I’m excited at the chance to own one for myself :o)

  2. Jo Hadley says:

    CONGRATULATIONS JESSE!!! We’ll send you your lucky winning shirt as soon as we get your address! Sincerely, Jo Hadley and Helena Marsala, owners of Handsome in Pink

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