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Pediatricians should not be transgender children’s first bully

C.J. and Chase recently made their professional speaking debut in Washington, D.C., at an annual meeting for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). AAP invited us and another family to speak to meeting attendees about caring for gender nonconforming and … Continue reading

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My Son Sees Gay People

It started about six months ago, right around his ninth birthday, that’s when my son starting seeing gay people. We were driving through West Hollywood on our way to Uncle Michael’s. Stopped at a red light on Santa Monica Boulevard, … Continue reading

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The Father Of My Children Has Changed

A year ago Matt was badly injured while he was on duty. He has been at home trying to heal and adjust ever since. Being married to a police officer, I knew that this was a possibility, that he could … Continue reading

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He Just Needs To Find His People, Then He’ll Be Safe

Growing up, I instinctively knew that I had to worry about my brother’s safety because he was slightly effeminate when young, people assumed he was gay as a teen, then he came out shortly after high school. All of those … Continue reading

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Dress Code Debacle

It’s end-of-the-school-year season around here. For middle school and high school students, that means there are lots of events happening for which the youth are expected to look extra nice and fancy. Which also means it’s a time when schools … Continue reading

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Chelsea Handler, Parenting, Gender & Us

A few months ago, we spent the day with Chelsea Handler talking about parenting, gender and what it’s like raising a gender nonconforming child. See some of our time together on the latest episode of her Netflix show Chelsea (Season … Continue reading

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Survey of Teachers: LGBTQ Bullying on Campus

I’ve put together a brief, 10-question survey that I’d like educators and administrators to answer. The survey is 100 percent anonymous. I’m not interested in who you are; I’m interested in what grade you teach, the state you live in … Continue reading

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