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Happy 14th Birthday CJ!

I blinked those tired, hurried, worried blinks of a mom and suddenly I’m here. A mom with a nearly-18-year-old and a 14 year old. Yes. CJ is 14. He’s 14 and he’s a beautiful, totally original, complex, deep feeling soul … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Called Worse

“In middle school, one of the worst things you can be called is ‘basic.’ Some people at school call me basic. It doesn’t bother me; I’ve been called worse. When you’re LGBTQ, you get used to being called names and other mean things.” — CJ, age 13, grade 8 Continue reading

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Sample School Dress Codes

After reading CJ’s last post, a lot of you requested to see the dress code CJ worked on with his school and district. It follows. I also included some sample dress codes that do a good job of leaving gender … Continue reading

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Gender Is Over

My name is C.J. and I’m 13 years old. I am a member of the LGBTQ community. My gender identity is male and my gender expression is female. That means that I’m awesome. Just kidding. It means that I was … Continue reading

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The Three Little Pigs Reimagined

For a school project, CJ had to design a set for a production of The Three Little Pigs. CJ being CJ, he insisted on reimagining the classic story and making a statement. He wrote a new narrative, printed and cut … Continue reading

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What Sixth Grade Is Like For A Gender Creative Boy

C.J. is officially a MIDDLE SCHOOLER! How did that happen? He’s at a middle school/high school combo that is super progressive and inclusive. Like, I don’t want to jinx us, but there couldn’t be a better school for him. Fingers … Continue reading

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The Leader Of The Misfits

I met him when I was in high school. His presence and personality were large and intimidating. He was the wood shop teacher. The “bad kids” and “losers” loved him. In my mind, he was the leader of the misfits. … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Let Your Kid Pick Their Own Costume, You’re A Monster

By: C.J. (age 11) Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because I get to dress up however I want and go walking around outside and nobody judges me. I love it when nobody judges me. I always … Continue reading

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My Son’s Bullying Story on New Series: Beyond Bullied

Kheris Rogers was bullied for her dark complexion, but she didn’t let bullies convince her she isn’t fabulous and beautiful. She turned a negative into a positive by creating her own clothing line called Flexin’ In My Complexion. Now, in … Continue reading

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The Coachella Classmate and DragCon Unicorn

C.J. was very “nervous-excited” for his big presentation. He took a bubble bath with lavender bath salts to calm his nerves. He decided to leave his hair down and put some mousse in it to accentuate his curls. He put … Continue reading

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