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Christmastime 2011

Last Christmas C.J. was beyond ready for Santa.  He had memorized the name of the specific doll that he wanted and was eager to let the big man know just what was expected of him on Christmas morning.  C.J. was … Continue reading

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Holiday Tidbits #2

Every year during the holidays we adopt a needy child through my work and we buy her/him the things s/he wants most.  Of course, this year I selected Jonah, age 5, who wanted Justin Beiber’s holiday album, Under the Mistletoe.  … Continue reading

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My Son Wants to be a Mommy, Not a Daddy

His name was Aaron.  He had stick-straight, baby-fine blonde hair that fell in his eyes.  He had glasses and was tall for his age.  We were in early elementary school and I could always count on my persuasive powers to … Continue reading

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Ballerinas, Buns and Boobs

Most mornings I awake to my two sons and some sort of mayhem.  It could include, but is not limited to, someone’s extreme hunger; children eating sugary contraband after sneaking downstairs unattended; a lost doll; a lost password for a … Continue reading

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Holiday Tidbits

C.J.’s Brother:            C.J. are you singing “Deck the Halls?” C.J.:                              Yeah. C.J.’s Brother:             Where did you learn that song? C.J.:                              At Forever 21. * * * In school this week, C.J. was instructed to draw a snowman via connecting the … Continue reading

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