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Our Month In Review: April 2017

I’m late posting April’s Month In Review because we were busy celebrating Chase’s 14th birthday. Can you believe he’s already 14?! Any-who, following are the highlights from our month on Instagram. Click here to view more. If you’re on Instagram, … Continue reading

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Our Month In Review: March 2017

In February and March, I started sharing bits of our journey on Instagram. Some of my readers aren’t on Instagram and have asked me to share posts here as well. So, following are highlights from March. Click here to view … Continue reading

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Survey Says: We Need to Educate Educators About Rights of LGBTQ Students

(This post can also be read at HuffingtonPost.com) During the last two weeks, I’ve read and heard a lot of misinformation about the rescission of federal guidance previously given to schools regarding the use of restrooms and single sex spaces … Continue reading

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Our Bathroom Bullying Story, Actions to Take and FAQs to Know

I’ve been an unhealthy mix of sad, disappointed, pissed, worried and ready to take action since learning that the Trump administration would rescind the federal guidance support for transgender student’s use of restrooms and other single sex spaces. Being differently … Continue reading

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My Son’s 10th Birthday Was A Drag

In some ways, C.J.’s recent birthday party was like your average 10-year-old’s birthday party. The birthday boy sat at the head of a long table eating something made mostly of sugar. Presents were stuffed around him. The crowded room was … Continue reading

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BOOK GIVEAWAY: One Of A Kind Like Me/ Único Como Yo

It’s time to add another book to your library! One of a Kind Like Me/Único Como Yo is a bilingual children’s book based on the true story of a child named Danny who wanted to be a princess in the … Continue reading

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I No Longer Live Life Ahead Of My Son; I Live Life With My Son

Six years. It’s been six years since I launched this blog. My gender nonconforming son was three at the time. He was newly potty trained, loved the Disney Princesses and had a limited vocabulary. Now, he’s a nine-year-old fourth grader … Continue reading

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