To The Unborn Children of Homophobic Tweeters

Dear unborn children of the 100 homophobes who tweeted that they would murder you if you are gay,*

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you got shitty parents.  Unfortunately it happens sometimes, though in a perfect world it wouldn’t.

I’m worried about you and so are a lot of other people.  While your future parents are thinking about killing you, we’re thinking about loving you.  Please always remember that.  You deserve to be loved, no matter what, no questions asked, unconditionally, whole-heartedly, not dependent on anything else.

I’m especially worried about the two to four percent of you who, statistically speaking, are homosexual.  I can’t sugarcoat it, you’re in for one hell of a ride.  Hold on tight and keep yourself safe.

Your parents are stupid enough to believe that sexuality is a choice and don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”  Never let them help you with your homework.

I’m sorry that your parents, though they have not been blessed with you yet, have already threatened to beat you, kill you, burn you, make you sleep in the oven, hang you from a bridge, step on your throat, drown you, stab you and/or shoot you.  Your parents don’t represent the goodness that can be found in humanity, they represent the worst.

It doesn’t mean that you are fated to be like them.  It means that you don’t have to do much to be better than them.  So start there…then soar.

You may just have to raise yourself.  Do it right.  Go to school.  It’s important.  Let your mind wander and consider “what ifs.”  Dream.  And know that once you are an adult and on your own you can make your dreams and “what ifs” a reality.  Do what you can to safely exist until then.

Be brave.  Be strong.  Believe that there are people in this world who will love you, cherish you and support you as you find your way.  Seek out your people, find your chosen family.  Don’t look back.  Know that you were made perfectly.  It’s going to be hell until you break free from your abusive, murderous parents.  Know that and believe that it can get better.  That you deserve better.

Make an awesome life for yourself.  Use their stupidity and a stature in life (or lack thereof) as a motivator to achieve better for yourself.  Realize that your parents’ minds are so closed that they aren’t fit for society.  Open yours and let it breathe.

There are families out there who would welcome you in a heartbeat, no matter which way your heart beats.  You’re going to have to believe and trust and search.   Try not to let prejudice breed prejudice, it won’t do you any good.

There’s a possibility that one day your parents will see what a fantastic adult you’ve become.  They may realize, with time, that it’s not important who you love, but that you love.  And, there may come a time that they learn that violence is not the answer. When and if this happens, you may want to forgive them.  Then again, you may not.

As I tell my sons every day….

I love you no matter what,

C.J.’s Mom**

*100 Real Tweets from Homophobes Who Would Murder Their Gay Child: On March 12, 2012, the hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic. People used this hashtag to “tweet to” their future child. Here are 100 real tweets from real people — all within 24 hours — saying they would murder their child if he or she was gay.

**If there is something you’d like to say to the unborn children of these homophobic tweeters, feel free to comment below. 

About raisingmyrainbow is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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101 Responses to To The Unborn Children of Homophobic Tweeters

  1. Samin says:

    I afraid that one day we will lost in the Forest of Social media. Social media sharing and tweets are really annoying now days. I really feel for these unborn children.

  2. Ziggy says:

    Wow. I laughed when I clicked the link – at some point, you have to be able to laugh at some of this stuff – but this is really, truly disheartening. I was worried enough before coming out, and I didn’t even have a solid idea of my parents’ position on the issue.

    I imagine being in that same position I was in before, only to find my dad’s old twitter account where he posted about wanting to kill his son if he turned out like me. It makes me want to cry.

  3. Raven says:

    I’ve just been introduced to your blog..and I love it. I’m working my way through the posts. I have something to say.
    To my unborn child…if you are gay…ok. I’ll still love you..and you’ll just have to meet some of your uncles who are gay..they’ll just help us all learn. If you’re a girl..well some of your aunts have that covered for us.
    To the unborn children of those horrible peole who would say those things…I’m not one to pray..but I will for you..and hope..that maybe you’ll just end up as my baby because I’ll love you as you should be loved…and appreciate every moment of your life as well as mine.

  4. I have only recently found your blog. I love it. I cannot thank you enough for raising two open minded thoughful humans. The world could always use more of those. The world is a better place because of your family and the way that you are raising your children. Thank you for that.

    We have come a long way from where we have been. We have a long way to get where we are going. I cannot read the tweets. Better stated, I will not read them. I am a lesbian, born from a wonderful woman who married an amazing man even though she knew she was a lesbian. The pressure to be normal was too great for her to bear at that time. The stars aligned when they put me in her care. This part of my life journey has found me trying to start my own family – with much difficulty and infertility problems. I cannot read the tweets of cold hearted hateful people who would decimate the beautiful life they were blessed with. Children are a blessing to be cherished. They are brought to our lives for us to love and teach….and also for us to learn from. They are not spawn of cookie cutters and they do not always look how we think they might look. That is one of the blessings of birthing such a wonderfully unique individual.

    To the unborn children of these homophobic tweeters: We love you. The world is a better place that you will originally see. Perservere. Be strong. Stronger than you ever thought you would have to. Love and live fiercely. You are cherished and you are a gift – dont let anyone ever tell you different.

  5. notlateone says:

    Read this awhile ago but didn’t comment on it. All of those tweets you linked to are disturbing, but the one that REALLY got me was the one saying that “if I have a girl, she can be bisexual but not gay, and my son can only be straight.” Truly a show of bigotry–it’s okay for your daughter to be bi (but not gay) because you have some sick fetish for it? Wow.

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  7. stilltooyoungtofail says:

    To the unborn children with homophobic parents, one day, if you ever find yourself in need ot love, find me, and I will be there for you unwaveringly.

  8. Eve says:

    I am sure for every ignorant fool who fears what they do not understand, there will be a day when they will sit in their nursing home chair or alone at home and realize with regret how they missed out on getting to know GREAT individuals who are part of our society regardless of which gender they choose to love.

    I am so glad there are so many of us accepting bloggers and human beings who accept others as they are.

    May every gay person out there being persecuted find blogs like these and people like us to help them through any ordeal they are facing….life is good,


  9. Jenna says:

    To the amazing and beautiful children of the future,
    Never stop learning, but do not hesitate to free yourself from school if it is not a safe and healthy place for you. Perhaps learn about unschooling. There are many ways to learn in this world, technology puts anything you want to know right there in your lap. Create a community, a chosen family of individuals who love and support you in following your passions and living your dreams. There are so many of us in this world who love you. ❤

  10. Tiffany says:

    I linked to this post in a piece I wrote. I hope that’s okay. It’s here:

  11. liztip says:

    Reblogged this on ltiptap and commented:
    This is moving.

  12. Okay, I clicked the link about the tweets, but then I closed it. Seriously, these kinds of things make me really, physically sick. So I’ll just say that I always think Lily Allen’s right… Actually, there’s a video of her song F*you on youtube with people singing and dancing and I just love it.
    On another note, there’s a famous guru that said that sexuality is something that’s connected to our bodies only, and we’re so much more than our bodies, so, what difference does it make who you want to be close to? Like you said, the important part is the love. I think the saying live and let live is about right… So love and let love, as well, you know? As long as no one’s getting hurt, what’s the harm in it?!
    These kinds of things really make me upset and lose faith in people. 😦

  13. Ok hold on so these ppl are grown ass ppl and there are talking about infints like that’s they have no right to say anything this is so sad its dissapointing v.v I’m gay and this actualy hurts a lot to see. What ppl think of me I thought going to school everyday and being teased is bad but the way these ppl exppsess there hatered is unbeliveable. Shocking if anything v.v. as for this beautiful mother. Who loves her son no matter what now what you show us and tell us is true love. For there child I can’t express how happy you made me by just reading this my mom is exactly the same as you she loves me no ?atter what she supports me she goes. To gay pride parades with me she. Raises hell when ppl harrass me to the point were I have to tell her that’s enough she makes me happy you make me appriciate her more thankk you for everything miss your doing wonderful with your son ^.^

  14. Your letter is balm to the soul – I wish I could have read it when I was entering adolescence some 50 years ago,

  15. insaniteen says:

    Reblogged this on insaniteen and commented:
    I guess we’re going a little “sideways” today since I’m reblogging this post from another site. Some of you are aware that I teach adolescent development and in that course, in one chapter of one lesson we talk about homosexuality, specifically because of the high rate of teen suicide for kids who are struggling with their identity or for kids who are clear who they are but their families and communities are struggling with accepting this. I’ve had little effigies of myself burning on some lawns (maybe in some churches) as a result of refusing to promote hate and misunderstanding when it comes to being gay / lesbian. It was much worse in the beginning (a decade ago) but lately there had seemed to be a lot more understanding or tolerance from my students (who are all adults). This post made me wonder if we’ve come as far as I thought we had. I felt it important enough to reblog it here so that others can see and realize just how bad it can be to be considered society’s outcast or unwanted.

  16. Amanda Zahn says:

    C.J.’s Mom, I pondered for a day or two how I would respond to this pathetic representation of our species, but could not do it as eloquently as you have. Each post you make dispels a little more of the darkness and the ugly in this world and this particular post more so than usual.

    Because I could not say it better, I put a link to your blog — specifically to this post — and to @Homophobes’ list on my own blog. I hope you don’t mind.

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  19. Jaymee says:

    The tweets made me sick, and absolutely livid; most of them were from males. I really feel for these unborn children. There is nothing more disgusting than threatening someone with their life; born or unborn. These kids are either going to grow up in fear, or spread the hate even more. I just pray that these kids learn acceptance, no matter their sexual orientation. This also makes me wonder if they can charge their parent with death threats when they are born and old enough to understand… hm.

  20. feelingaway says:

    Your blog has been on my mind a lot since I discovered it a few months ago. I enjoy it tremendously and it also makes me think. A lot. We live in a small suburban town in CT and, the other day, while driving my 9-yr-old son to school, I decided to test the waters, so to speak. “Honey,” I asked, nonchalantly, “What if there was a boy in your school who liked playing with dolls, instead of, say, trucks, and he wanted to be friends with you. What would you say to that?” My son thought for a minute and then said, “I’d say I’ll think about it”. My heart sank. “Uh-oh, I thought to myself, “We’ve ve got some more talking to do on this…”. Then he asked, suspeciously, “Are you talking about Tim*??” (What?? My son actually knows a boy like that? Cool! Although totally unexpected, considering our geographic location.) “No, I replied, I’m not talking about anyone in particular, but what about Tim?” “Well,” said my son, “he likes playing with Little Pet Shop pets and Polly Pockets and he wants to play that all the time!” “So, you play that with him for a little bit and then maybe you, guys, can play with your toys”, I suggested. “But he doesn’t want to!”, my son complained, “Tim says that I haven’t played with his toys yet, but I have!!!”…..And so we went on back and forth for a few more minutes, but in the end, I was relieved: my son’s issue wasn’t that Tim was “different”, but that Tim didn’t want to play with his toys – typical issue that he could have (and has had) with anyone of his friends. Whew… I’ll keep talking to both of my kids, of course, to make sure that they grow up tolerant and fair people. I hope more parents of “traditional” families read your blog so that they, like me, recognize the importance of talking you their young children about different types of people that are out there. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    *Tim is a fictitious name and does not represent an actual person.

  21. insaniteen says:

    None of the four parents that collectively raised my 20-something year lesbian step-daughter to adulthood have felt any inkling of hate or anything other than the same love you feel towards all the other kids. It saddens my heart to see that crap. There was once upon a time when “we” believed that epileptics, schizophrenics and even people who are left-handed were possessed by the devil and needed to be “fixed”, locked away or in some situations, killed. One would like to think that with our understanding of biology, neurology and development that the old “because I don’t like it or my religious leader says it’s wrong” arguments would no longer hold any weight. I’m not all about forgiveness but I am all about education and would like to reblog this post on my blog next week since my teaching life has had some negative experiences over the years as well. Good post.

  22. AJ Bradley says:

    I had to stop reading because I was so appalled and ashamed that these people were part of the human race. I would gladly take their gay child and raise it with love and hope. And I pity the straight children of these future parents because their family’s hatred will be passed along to them, creating a new generation of homophobes. How dare you threaten to kill your child for being gay? I agree with Katy above me – good thing they weren’t killed for their hateful natures. I’m so thankful for this blog and its part in letting people know that whatever your child may be, they are wonderful and perfect just the way they are.

  23. Kody says:

    I teared up reading those tweets. It’s horrible to think they can love their child for the first 12-16 years of their life and it can all be thrown out the window with two words.

    I cried reading this, thank you so much. It’s the loving people like you on this wonderful internet-based support group that gave me hope, and will continue to spread love and acceptance.

  24. Grandma Colorado says:

    I was so distraught reading the hatred that spewed from these people’s computers. My only consolation was the illiteracy that was expressed in the written word. I hope my little CJ never encounters any of these individuals in real life but I know I am being naive. This just scared the daylights out of me reading the ignorance and hatred these people feel over people they have never met.

  25. N's Mom says:

    I do not know if I can read the tweets, I just cannot stomach how disgusting humanity can be. You are right though, there are many people that would love those children without second thought. Thank you for this blog, it helps me in more ways than I can say and thank you for this comment, “it’s not important who you love, but that you love”. Hopefully I will never need to use the quote, meaning hopefully people will be accepting or my children and not even care to question but I now feel more prepared to put them in their place when/if they do.

  26. Lyla Cicero says:

    A beautiful, poignant response to a horrific display. Thanks, I just found your blog, and as a parent, and as a therapist who works with sexual minority and gender variant adults and kids. That a lovely resource. Thank you.

  27. Your post WAS beautiful. We need to remember that the only way that we can change society is by raising children who think independently and freely.

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  29. Meg says:

    CJ is the luckiest child in the world. You are an awesome mom and it shows something is right with the universe that you two are together.

  30. Beezer says:

    Reblogged this on Beezer’s Bites and commented:

    For the most part, I try to keep this blog revolving around food. This is my little corner of the internet where I can share my adventures in the kitchen while laughing at failures or cheering at successes along the way. On very rare occasions, though, I feel the need to dedicate a post to something else (such as major life-changes). This is the first time in the 2 years of Beezer’s Bites, however, that I have felt motivated to reblog another’s post. This message is just that strong.

    If you’ve never seen Raising My Rainbow before, C.J.’s mom is one of my heroes. This post of hers will show you why.

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  32. Marisa says:

    The best thing I can do as a parent is to teach my daughter to love unconditionally, and hopefully if we all teach our kids that love has no color, no gender, no limit, then we can change this.

    • I don’t understand the “unconditional love” movement.
      It seems either that “kind” of love is nothing at all…but an idea not an action… OR it takes on more twist and turns than a Cirque contortionist!

      Do you love child rapists unconditionally? Do we love the homophobic murderously intent parents in these tweets unconditionally? And if so…what does it mean to “love” at all…I doubt most of us would say…risk our lives for them if we knew ONLY this fact about them. I’m sure some would risk their lives because they know more (ie redeeming qualities).

      And it sounds all too much like that nonsense Xians say when they talk about “Unconditional love” .. loving the sinner… and g-d’s love being such and so much so that he’ll send you to hell where you want to go…?

      I think it’s noise, and I wish there were better language for what we seem to mean and seem to do. And sadly, what that is seems to be tribalism?

      • I kinda think that the unconditional love thing is more about realizing that not everyone is 100% BAD. Granted I think that there are some people who are close to hitting that 100% mark.
        But I also understand what you are saying that it can be percieved as not really anything at all, not really special if you love everyone equally.

      • **this is not saying that I believe that everyone should not be treated equally!

      • I appreciate your comments.

      • Luz7287 says:

        With all due respect
        I thought i should let you know about my unconditional LOVE … I unconditionally LOVE my Gay 16 year old son and that has also been a hate victum i unconditionally LOve my 4 year special needs child… I might not be a very smart person or have an extended education or rish and theres nothing special about me..Iam a single mother trying to raise my children with alot of LOVE, support,and attention etc.. So that they grow up to be an oustanding person in society to the best of there abilities…I can not speak for the mothers of rapisst and murders or other bad people out there, But i would hope that they too did there best for there children..Thats what unconditional love means to me..

  33. Those tweets were honestly sickening. This post is beautiful and much needed. Thank you.

    • You know, at the end of the day, all these tweets seemed to show is there no proposition so disgusting we can’t find 200 people who are willing to post them with the sense of “alienation” that is a function of the digital divide of social media?!

  34. CorinaWrites says:

    These tweets literally made me sick to my stomach – your post helped quite a bit. 🙂

  35. CorinaWrites says:

    Reblogged this on CorinaWrites and commented:
    Loved this – couldn’t have said it better myself so I reblogged!

  36. Lauren says:

    All people deserve to live and be loved, ALL people. That’s why I am pro-life AND pro-gay marriage and adoption. Some people think that that’s impossible, to believe something so “conservative” and something so “liberal” at once, but with love and truth and God and wisdom, everything is possible.

  37. LUelena says:

    It is insane the kind of Stupidity that is out there… i bet most of these people have never had a child and have no consept of LOVE and unconditional LOVE for a child..I have a Gay and very LOVED child he is my SUNSHINE although he has not been treated right by ignorant people that have NOTHING better to do then to worry about what he’s wearing or doing..Its hard enough he’s a teenager in high school , but to have to deal with taunting and stupidity ..NOT on MY WATCH.!!!.. i become the MAMA BEAR and will protect my CHILD to the extent … I also worrie about my lil one She will be 4 this year and has Down syndrome and alot of health issues ..BUt she is HAPPY and she is BEAUTIFUL and most of all she is MINE! Again i feel SORRY for this people that think that a child can be thrown away ..Just because he or she is different..To the people that would KILL there child…. i would say to you to SPEND a DAY with My FAMILY and you will walk out feeling LOVED cause thats obviously what your lacking…

  38. The Waiting says:

    “There are families out there who would welcome you in a heartbeat, no matter which way your heart beats.”

    This gave me chills. Beautiful post.

  39. Kath says:

    I, too, was unable to read all of that because it made me so angry. I cannot imagine anyone spewing that garbage. And I also worry about the “non-gay” children born to any of these creatures (I refuse to call them people or anything with a human connotation).What are they learning? How will they turn out if they are raised hearing this trash? These animals will bring more and more of themselves into this world. How sick.

  40. Chatter Master says:

    Why does hate speak so much louder than love? Beautiful post. And I hope that all of the unborns out there find the love that you and I know exists.

  41. sweetsound says:

    I read just a few of those comments and had to stop it made me cry so hard. 😦

  42. Mythandra says:

    Reblogged this on Expression Moves and commented:
    Ditto what she said. I can’t believe some people think it’s appropriate to 1) talk about hurting, beating, or murdering children period, 2) post such nastiness on the internet/ in public for everyone to see, or 3) express such hatred toward a person before they’ve even left the womb or taken their first breath.
    It breaks my heart to see such madness and cruelty.

  43. Liz says:

    This breaks my heart. And show how little love from their own parents these people received.

  44. Crikey. Just when I think the world is turning more positive when it comes to this issue, posts like this make me disheartened. sigh. Ironically, I just posted last week about how much I hate the term “if it were their son, they’d accept him”. Obviously, there are still sickos out there who would actually NOT accept their child as nature made him/her.

    Thank you for reminding me that folks like us must NOT remain complacent. It is up to us to drown out the voices of insanity. Because truly, those folks are lunatics. UGH.

  45. says:

    For anyone who feels contempt for a loss of humanity by such thoughts or acts, look to yourself to be the balance in any way you can – big or small – just as CJ’s mom is doing here. Be a light to guide others home.

  46. Rob says:

    My wife and I are about to start trying to have a baby. We don’t care what kind of baby we get — we just can’t wait to start loving it.

  47. Miriam Joy says:

    Reblogged this on A Farewell To Sanity and commented:
    I have nothing to add.

  48. Miriam Joy says:

    Those tweets have got to be the most hate and ignorance and stupidity that I have read in a very long time. It sort of makes me lose faith in humanity. And in grammar.

  49. Ashley says:

    I am completely blown away by these idiots on Twitter. Your response is perfect!!!

  50. mark says:

    like others, you’re , or is it your, (LOL!) reply was excellent. Like others, I read a few of these and then clicked off. Made me absolutely nauseous. These are dark days indeed, for many reasons. These are what this country has deemed our ‘peers’, and I want to run away from them as far as I can get. Add these to the other self righteous and morally superior, and the judgemental, and the the unethical and egotistical, and what do we have left. Not much based on what I see.

    There are some changes seen. here in my town, in the school districts, the anti-bullying has finally started to take root, but only after I believe 7, maybe 9 kids killed themselves. That it took that for something as simple as relooking at their policies is disgusting. That the teachers were afraid of not intervening because it was against the district’s policies even more so, IMO. The change in the policy resulted also in the homophobics being exposed to sunlight, as the cry went out from a multitude that the schools are PROMOTING homosexuality, making our boys women. Notice they didn’t talk about the girls becoming men, although that is certainly in the background of the implication, but somehow less disturbing to the mentality of the slug.

    Stay strong people. Do what you like, while harming no one. I wish these under the rock dwellers could be counted on for that, but somehow I don’t think so.

  51. HD says:

    Reblogged this on Abstain & Sustain and commented:
    I get excited every time there is a new post on this blog. This post needs to be reblogged…

  52. Krystal P says:

    I cannot even comprehend how you can carry a child in your body for 9 months, raise them and then hate them so much that you want to kill them. I don’t think that my kids could do anything that would make me stop loving them forever. Things that could make me disappointed yes … stop loving them NEVER!!! It’s unconditional love and all parents should have it for all of their children … that’s just the way it should be.

  53. Tiffany says:

    I wonder how many of us it would take to get the inverse trending on Twitter. Meanwhile, I’m trying to determine how to get these people barred from Twitter. Threats of violence are against the terms of use….

    • mark says:

      unfortunately Tiff, one cannot make a threat against a person who doesn’t exist (yet). In that meantime it is just stupid trash talk because it cannot be taken as a truth against anyone. Now if they had a prohibition against utter stupidity then that would be another issue.

  54. Kerry Dwyer says:

    Reblogged this on Kerry Dwyer and commented:
    I can’t find the words to comment, this post says it all.

  55. Kerry Dwyer says:

    I felt quite sick reading those. What is also sad is that some of them felt the same way about having a girl or a handicapped child. Every child has the right to be loved especially by its parents. When my daughter was born I was just thrilled that she was alive and whole. However she turns out she will be a joy to me.
    Reblogged your post.

  56. fairyjerbear says:

    This was a brilliant post. Your response was the right antidote to the hate spewing from the twittering users in question. I would add that we need to create safe places for LGBT youth so it can get better now. This includes GSAs (Gay Straight Alliances) and community based gay youth groups. Yes it does get better but it can be better now if we work to create safe places in the world for youth who face hatred at home.

  57. rooksgolla says:

    I hope they all have gay children who they immediately fall in love with before they have the chance to remember how EXTREMELY STUPID and NOT FUNNY they once were. That would just be perfect! Please God please!

  58. Mark L says:

    If only they would give up those despised children to loving couples who can’t, for whatever reason, reproduce on their own. Every child deserves to be loved fully and unconditionally.

  59. ntexas99 says:

    I keep hoping and praying and speaking up and asking why, and when?
    when will we finally be at that place where we embrace the beauty in ALL people?
    when will we finally learn that someone does not choose to be born gay?
    when will we finally learn? when?

  60. antarabesque says:

    To all unborn children —
    Psalm 139:13 For God created your inmost being;
    who knit you together in your mother’s womb.
    14 I praise God because you are fearfully and wonderfully made;
    His works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
    (With only a few pronoun changes, either way I believe it with all my heart) Thank you for your amazing words. You are bless-ed and blessed.

  61. disperser says:

    Reblogged this on Disperser Tracks and commented:
    It’s like we never left the Dark Ages . . . certainly the major religions have not.

    I hate to judge whole religions by the few, but in this case, I must. Any religion who produces even one person like those hundreds should immediately re-evaluate their tenets. In the meantime they should take a time-out until they can fix the problem. I know . . . it will never happen; the money is too good.

    • Katie says:

      People like that are like that no matter what religion they are. It’s not religions fault, haters gonna hate.

      • larry bunner says:

        It may not but i find the word fault and responsibility often confused making a person or group (churches aka religion) responsibile for their part in any action is accurate

        I have yet to hear the answer why do you hate gays? by
        Well scientific journal # 2013 says…. it is always The Bible Says, The Koran Says,
        The Holy Writings off…………. Oh Well You get he Picture.

        If people would get out of these brain Washing Cults and think and read for themselves

        Jeus now where would have and did teach It’s all about Unconditional Love.

        Not Hate or Fear

        Love to all

      • larry bunner says:

        In my reply I checked and rechecked then i saw typos after i posted it
        hope every one get the gist of my post
        sorry but I have temors due to parkinson’s

  62. rayandskye says:

    Wow! What is wrong with people? It’s just sad.

  63. To all the homophobic tweeters, and anyone else who believes being gay is worse than being a would-be murderous homophobe… I remember someone else in history who believed that not everyone was equal and that those deemed less superior should be put to death. Have you ever heard of the Holocaust? Don’t tell me your persecution is any different just because you’re not speaking out against all minorities. The only difference right now is that (hopefully) you’re all talk. #oneLove

  64. Sara says:

    Every single time I read one of your postings, I feel better about the world because of someone like you. Thank you. xo

  65. elzarcothepale says:

    To their unborn, I’d say: “Survive. Make it through intact. It looks like it’s gonna be a rough couple of decades for you, but if you can keep it together, you can spend your life redeeming your parents’.You don’t have anything to prove, don’t get me wrong- I just hope you get to turn bad into good, simply by existing.

    To my own future kid(s) Sorry. Gay, straight, nerdy, athletic, smart or dumb, I am going to embarrass the shit out of you. Sometimes on purpose. I assume you will have pooped on me at some point. We’ll call it even.

  66. jenxbyron says:

    All of this is awesome, as usual, although sad that it’s needed. This is my favorite part though:
    “and don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Never let them help you with your homework.” It’s important to laugh. Oh, and love our enemies…. It confuses the heck out of them!

  67. bmillergirl1 says:

    As a straight ally for some precious gay friends I applaud your letter. Unfortunately there is evil in the hearts of many. These are the days when the dark get darker and the light get lighter. My Christian beliefs require me to forgive them. And while I work up the grace and mercy to do so I will pray that these people wish and hope for a baby – any baby – and find themselves left barren because they do not deserve the love of a child if they have only murder in their hearts. Be blessed!

  68. Crystal says:

    This was a wonderfully written post! I hope that each of these unborn children will have someone in their life that will say these kinds of loving words to them! I pray that each one will find someone who will love them no matter who they turn out to be.

  69. awomynous says:

    Reblogged this on awomynous and commented:
    This is so sad that there are people out there like that, who curse their own unborn children and literally threaten to kill them for being gay. Not abort, kill. I know I will love my child no matter who he or she ends up loving. I agree with “raising my rainbow” that it is a hard path, and in that way alone I wish for a “normal” child, but in the same way I hope that my child doesn’t have ADD or dyslexia or isn’t missing a finger when he or she comes out. The chances are though that my kid may have ADD or dyslexia, or be gay. And I’m okay with that.
    I know that honestly my husband is a little scared if we have a gay son, because he “wouldn’t know what to do with a kid like that.” But I know he would learn. He’d get over himself and learn to love the little guy as strongly as any child we may have some day.
    If you are a gay child or teen or know someone who is, just know that there are people out there who will love you and do love you just the way you are, and you don’t have to settle for “sort of” love or conditional love. You don’t have to settle for abuse, manipulation, or name-calling in order to receive love. You deserve to be loved, period. It’s tough sometimes but keep searching until you find those people out there who love you. You deserve love and to be loved.

  70. Vic Anne says:

    I don’t want to have children and most likely can’t but, #ToAllUnbornChildren – I will accept you and love you no matter what. If your parents hate you because of your sexuality, I will take you in and love you as if you were my own child.
    I can’t believe so many people hate so much. I couldn’t even finish reading all 100.

  71. I couldn’t read the comments. The ignorance and hatred makes me nauseated.

  72. awomynous says:

    To the unborn children of those stupid, scared people: there are people out there who will love you and do love you just the way you are. I know it’s hard but please keep searching until you find them, and don’t settle for anyone who makes you feel less of yourself.
    To my own unborn child: I’ll love you just the way you are, no strings attached. Be whoever you want to be, although I do you like macaroni and cheese, but if not, that’s okay too. 🙂

  73. swensonk says:

    I just started reading the comments, had to quit. Made me sick.

  74. swensonk says:

    Wow, I am so sorry. This response to your homophobic tweeters is outstanding. I am so sorry that they would feel free to send you those vile comments.

    Love your blog, you go girl.

  75. Melynnda* says:

    Todays children are highly intuitive and resourceful, it won’t be difficult to outsmart their parents. I pray they have chosen their parents in order to teach them unconditional love and make this world free from bigotry and fear. Bless each and every child. Your mission is great ><3<

  76. lubbockgaymale says:

    OMG, how many uneducated, unsympathetic, unloving folks are there? If your precious child announce possible gay/les/bi tendencies, give him/her up to someone who CAN love them, and get yourself sterilized!

  77. Joycelyn says:

    Every day, all day long, your unborn child is welcome into our loving home. I believe the line above that says it does not matter who you love, but that you love. That you LOVE, and not hate. Your unborn child is welcome.

  78. Denise says:

    Some people should be spayed or neutered. That hate is disgusting. I’d like to tell my already born children that I will love them no matter what.

  79. Cyndi says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity and naivity of these people. I went through and looked at a few of the twitter accounts of those who had made the comments, and a couple had said “I was kidding, I obviously wouldn’t kill anyone, let alone my own kid”. Seriously people? Why would you even say that as a JOKE.

  80. Holy schmoley! In addition to the bigotry, have we become a nation of illiterates? That’s downright frightening.
    My son tweeted on that trend. (I saw his his hashtag; didn’t know at the time it was trending.) He’s a car-less teenager who promised his unborn child he/she would be given a car on his/her 16th birthday, no matter what. I laughed (because isn’t it a mother’s job to make her teenager feel deprived?) and had no idea others were spewing such trash.

  81. I have to say if you feel that way about your unborn child, please give your child to me. I would love to have your gay child! Every Day, All Day.

    • Shannon says:

      Me too. This a beautiful tribute to all the children who will (unfortunately) grow up not being loved. I promise to love my children –and other’s children — no matter what. No matter WHAT. Children don’t hate. They are TAUGHT to hate. (Funny that “hate” only occurs in the human species. Our offspring are the future…we should be more careful with what we create or there will be no future for us.)

      This post makes me glad I don’t tweet.

  82. Katy Bailey says:

    That’s just horrible. Even if they’re just trying to be “funny” they should still feel very ashamed of themselves. I’m glad your parents didn’t decide they would “kill” their unborn child if they turned out to be ignorant or just plain hateful, because you all wouldn’t be here right now.

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