Friday Fodder: Gender Spectrum, PFLAG and Navy SEAL Edition

Who’s going to the 2013 Gender Spectrum Conference?  Me!

The 2013 Gender Spectrum Conference is designed to create a welcoming and supportive community for all gender nonconforming youth, their allies, caregivers and professionals. The conference provides the most up-to-date quality information and resources, with more than 45 workshops around relevant topics in the fields of medicine, mental health, education, the law and social issues.  I’ll be speaking.  😉

Click here for more information.

* * *

PFLAG wants your help!

There are currently more than forty prospective PFLAG chapters in the process of being started, which would grow PFLAG’s network to 400 chapters in communities in all 50 states. Most of this growth is happening in areas where the introduction of equality legislation is progress and even being out as a LGBTQ person or an ally is an act of tremendous courage.

Two small, no-cost actions on your part can help PFLAG National create and support new chapters!

1.  Esurance has long supported LGBT equality. In fact they offer same-sex couples married rates, even in states that have not yet passed a law in support of marriage equality!  This year, Esurance is donating $100,000 to three worthy charities, including PFLAG! Each will get a percentage of the donation based on the number of votes received.

Visit once per day, between now and June 30th, to cast your vote for PFLAG National to earn up to $100K from Esurance!

2. For over a decade, Orbitz has supported dozens of LGBT and HIV/AIDS charities nationwide and now, Orbitz is helping to support PFLAG as it further expands the PFLAG chapter network across the country.

Visit to download Orbitz’ FREE app for your phone, and Orbitz will donate up to $10 to PFLAG National to support the creation and growth of new chapters.

* * *

Read this:  Defying Stereotypes: Navy SEAL Team 6 Soldier Comes Out As Transgender In A Powerful New Book



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4 Responses to Friday Fodder: Gender Spectrum, PFLAG and Navy SEAL Edition

  1. maddox says:

    See you at Gender Spectrum!

  2. Richelle says:

    Someone on a forum I read posted an interesting link today… apparently some male train drivers in Stockholm, forbidden from wearing shorts even in hot weather, have taken to wearing skirts to be cooler. And the train company says that’s fine with them. No, it’s not really a gender-creativity issue, but hey, it is a chance for CJ… and others… to see that life proceeds normally no matter how anyone chooses to dress. Here’s the link:

  3. doubleinvert says:

    I’m planning on being a volunteer at Gender Spectrum again this year. Maybe we’ll run into each other there.


  4. Enrique and Isokda says:

    We are also going to be there. Hope to meet you!! We follow you from Mexico and we love your blog.

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