What’s In My Son’s Purse?

C.J. is very nosy and always wants to know what’s inside other people’s purses. Because it is not okay for him to peek inside the satchels of strangers, I’ve started easing his curiosity by showing him the pages inside popular magazines that list the contents of celebrities’ bags. He loves those lists so much that he wanted me to create one for him and share it with you. Without further ado, here is what’s inside my son’s purse.

April 2014 013

Purse: I made my purse. Well, I didn’t “make it” make it. I colored in the design. I like this purse cause it holds a lot of stuff and I have a lot of stuff to hold. I can also wear it across my body so my hands are free to hold more stuff.

Plastic Show Pony: I got this pony at Disney Princesses On Ice. It’s beautiful and pretty and special. I named it Uni for unicorn. Because it’s like a unicorn, without a horn, so it’s not a unicorn, but I pretend that it is.

The Cat In The Hat Book: I keep it in my purse because I really wanted it and last time I found one it was in Spanish and I finally found it in English. And, I really love The Cat In The Hat.  I can’t read Spanish.

Green Finger Pointer: I like green, it’s one of my favorite colors besides red, purple, pink and rainbow. I use it to point when I pretend that I’m playing school and I’m the teacher. It makes pointing easier. Sometimes I pretend to pick my nose with it and it’s green like boogers.  So, that’s perfect.

Tiny Plush Giraffe: Doesn’t he look like a baby toy? Well, he’s way more than that; he’s also a finger puppet! Can you believe that?!  So, I like it because his tail is fringy and I like his hair. I named him Bobby.

Fancy Lady Head Brooch: She’s diamond-y. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world is diamonds and if she got $1,008 dollars she would spend it all on diamonds and nothing else.

April 2014 017Gingerbread Boy: I made him gender conforming. I like his hair. I gave him green highlights. I like how I made his pants roll up at the bottom. I gave him a HUGE smiley face because he’s always happy like the song “Happy” by Pharrell. I think Pharrell’s hat is crazy-cool.

Pink Bag Of Coins: I want to keep them and save them up and buy something from miWorld. I also told Nana that I wanted something from miWorld so possibly she’ll get it for me and I can save my money. (Don’t tell anybody that this is fake money.)

Anna from Disney’s Frozen: I like her because she talks when you push on her boobs and stomach. Frozen is my favorite movie right now. I like it because two girls save the day and they don’t need a boy. And, I like the dresses that Elsa and Anna wear.

$5: I got a dollar. It’s actually five dollars. I earned this money doing chores for my Pa. I keep it in my purse in case I need more dollars and it’s special because it’s the only five-dollar bill I have. It’s my biggest money I ever got. If I did spend it, I would spend it on a time machine so If I didn’t want to go to school I could just skip ahead and skip it.

April 2014 018Fancy Skeleton Head: It’s a girl, but she has a beard. My daddy gave it to me when he got back from Mexico. It reminds me of Spanish.  My mom’s skeleton head will look this fancy when she dies and her skin falls off.

Harajuku Girl Figurine: Because I like Gwen Stefani and everything Harajuku. They are pretty and super sassy.

Brown Chair: I keep it because it reminds me of a chair at our house.

Fairly Odd Parents Doll: I got it at Chuck E. Cheese’s when I played one game and got 1,000 tickets. Last time I got 100 tickets on the exact same game. You should play that game when you go to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I like his hair. I think it’s cool that he has green hair and I like that he’s a fairy.

iTouch: My mommy gave it to me. It’s my first own electronic thing. My favorite apps are Fruit Ninja, Kick the Dummy, McKenna the American Girl doing gymnastics and any app where you make dresses and do makeovers.

Lip Gloss: Which I can put on right now (applies gloss). I keep it in my purse so that I can put it on when I need to. Like when I go to school. Sometimes I can wear my mom’s lipstick, but only if I ask. I got this lip gloss at Sephora. I love Sephora. You should go there. They have every makeup ever made.

Fake Rat: I use it to scare people. If they try to rob my purse they would see the rat and scream and stop robbing me.

Miniature Gumball Machine: It reminds me of love because the gumballs are heart-shaped and I love it and I love love.

Rainbow Dash From My Little Pony: It reminds me of my mom’s book called Raising My Rainbow.


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RaisingMyRainbow.com is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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49 Responses to What’s In My Son’s Purse?

  1. celder58 says:

    I love that he has an Anna doll. Elsa seems to get all the attention and I like it when people people give Anna a chance. I feel like I am an Anna at heart. I also have an Anna cosplay.

  2. Jane says:

    Does the fact that he made the “gender conforming” drawing with “a HUGE smiley face because he is always happy” mean he isn’t always happy like the “boy” he drew? Is he saying he would rather not be “gender non conforming” and he might be happy too? Seems like a big red flag for him to even mention that…

  3. This is fantastic! I especially love the fancy head brooch (I remember having those!!), skull, Harajuku figure and the show pony. I should do a “What’s in my bag” post on my blog soon. 🙂

    – Janine @ janinefowler.com

  4. Tayla-Paige says:

    Tell him to check out some of the stuff on my blog, it’s about the things people have. 🙂 http://www.atheoryofthings.wordpress.com

  5. Jolene says:

    Best idea for a blog post…ever! Loved your purse contents, CJ. My favorite was the one of what your mom’s skeleton would look like once her skin fell off. 🙂 Pretty funny! You have great toys. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hope you do it again sometime!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I’ve been lurking around here for a while, (a moderately-to-definitely gender non-conforming teenage girl). I was wondering if C.J. had ever seen anything about Irish dancing or shown any interest in it. Your post about C.J. and figure skating first made me think about it. Irish is a very athletic but also very artistic form of dance. It’s also a world where boy’s costumes like this (http://www.irishcentral.com/news/entertainment/20-questions-with-world-irish-dancing-champion-drew-lovejoy-159895615-238137631.html) and this (http://www.irishcentral.com/news/entertainment/jig-opening-today-meet-john-whitehurst-124065739-238089571.html) are everywhere. There are almost no gender segregation in the actual dancing (on a non-competitive level) or in shoes (while boys wear different shoes, they are no more or less boring, just different), and while boys don’t go as “all out” on stage (no wigs…) you still see boys of all ages searching out sparkly vests and ties and spending an hour slicking down or standing up their hair ‘just so’. Then there are sparkles and glitter and anything shiny for shoes, to draw attention to your feet. And the dresses…suffice to say, I think C.J. would love them (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/252623860321866524/) that’s just a sampling.

  7. MM says:

    1. I join the others who have offered pictures of the contents of my purse. BT it is not nearly as interesting as CJs purse contents.
    2. There is not a device called an iTouch, though I wondered for a moment as it kinda “sounds right”. It is an iPod Touch. I bet you/CJ know that!
    3. I love this part the most: ” Frozen is my favorite movie right now. I like it because two girls save the day and they don’t need a boy. And, I like the dresses that Elsa and Anna wear.” LOVE.

    Message to CJ and Lori: I got so envious of CJs hairdresser, because I want to show CJ how to braid and French braid and make twists and so on. So I have asked gender spectrum if I can volunteer and do this with kids at their conference. Hope they say yes!

    • MM says:

      P.S. CJ: how does all this stuff FIT in your purse? Does stuff fall out?
      Also I would like to see the part where you colored the purse, it does not seem to be in the photos posted so kindly by your mom.

  8. Jessica says:

    CJ, you carry awesome stuff in your bag and you are awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us, I felt just like I was reading about a famous person in a fancy magazine.

  9. Mary B. says:

    Love the post! I wish my purse had such cool stuff. If C.J. loves apps where you get to design dresses, check out the Doll Generator. I use this one to figure out fun designs for steampunk costumes. http://www.dolldivine.com/mega-steampunk-dress-up.php You choose everything from skin tones to makeup to skirts and boots! Enjoy!

  10. HA! What a hoot CJ is!! He is so outspoken and precocious! Good job raising him, Lori 😉

  11. Vic Anne says:

    OMG, I LOVE CJ’s explanations of his purse items!

  12. Eimear says:

    I like to think of what CJ will be like when he’s older and I think he’s going to be fabulous, judging from your blogs 🙂

  13. Isa says:

    This makes me feel better! This morning I grabbed the camera from my wife’s purse to take some 2nd birthday pics of my little girl, and she (my daughter) immediately looked at me with shock and informed me that “purses are private.” Which is true. And then she made me give her the camera so she could put it back. I’m glad to get a look into someone else’s purse since I am no longer allowed access to the ones in my own home.

  14. Jill says:

    Today I made my five year old son remove his sisters miniskirt and pink socks before leaving the house. This is a common occurrence at our house. The joy of dressing like a girl turns to shame, since it is something he is aware of that we are trying to hide outside our home. Easters coming and I tried to find gender neutral gifts for him that he would be happy with that wouldn’t start the argument with my extended family. I just got your book an hour ago and read about your Christmas dilemma – I am going right now to find an Elsa doll for him for Easter and I don’t care if it takes me all afternoon to do it. I just want him to be happy.

  15. Tanou says:

    Loved the post!!!!!!CJ is so cool!!!!!!!

  16. Aww, I love it! My son would happily show him the contents of his purse 🙂 While the skeleton = mom comment rocks my socks, I love his purse protection device! Definitely how my son thinks, too!

  17. Thom says:

    “I got this lip gloss at Sephora. I love Sephora.”

    Well, we love you to, CJ!
    (I work at the HQ)

  18. This whole post made me smile. Also, with Jeremy’s long(ish) bright blue hair, I’ve had people ask me if he’s Thing 1 or Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat. Jeremy says he’s too unique to be either of them.

    He used to carry a bag that size which was just as crammed. Now I wish I’d taken a picture.

  19. Pippa Pirrip says:

    I want to trade purses with CJ, his is WAY cooler than mine!

    • Pippa Pirrip says:

      Actually, I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but if y’all had kids draw designs for canvas messenger bags for a fundraiser, I would absolutely buy one & carry it with pride!

  20. This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read 🙂 thank you for the smiles

  21. This is wonderful. I feel inspired to blog about what is in my purses (yes, I have a problem) so CJ can have more purses to peek into.

  22. Jennifer says:

    “My mom’s skeleton head will look this fancy when she dies and her skin falls off.”

    Oh my God, that was amazing. 😀 One of my favorite posts for sure! If CJ ever wants to see what’s inside my purse, let me know and I’ll take photos. I have entirely too much stuff in there!

  23. Jessi says:

    I get the feeling CJ would be disappointed by my purse. It has my wallet (Driver’s License, credit cards and insurance cards, no cash), an umbrella, my car keys, a pack of tissues and a few crumpled receipts.

  24. Cheryl S. says:


    So funny that he has a rainbow dash figure. My 10 y/o nephew LOVES rainbow dash, so the same figurine is in my daughter’s backpack today so she could bring it to him!

    He has way better stuff in his purse than I have in mine (and he has more money too!)

  25. Joycelyn says:

    Cj and I have this curiosity in common, I adore knowing what people carry with them. What is deemed worthy of being with you at most times. YEARS ago I watched a documentary on what people carry in their purses, one older lady (70) carried a pair of dancing shoes, just in case she got asked to dance. That moment has stayed with me, it was so hopeful, joyful, and made me so curious about what other people carry. I’ve looked for this documentary but never found it again. If CJ would like to see inside my bag I would be happy to post a picture and explain what things are, they aren’t nearly as super rad as what CJ carries, but they are mine 🙂

  26. urbanmythcafe says:

    This is absolutely the best purse ever. All of that stuff can’t possibly fit in there!

  27. CJ that purse is very full! How much does it weigh?

  28. Glenn says:

    Somehow, I managed to make to the age of 51 without ever knowing that there were stories about what’s in somebody’s bag. If they are all as fantastic as this one, then I have really been missing out. Loved it. Kind of makes me want to go buy a purse, just so I can put cool stuff in it. What a great imagination! Hands down best thing is the skeleton head, of course!

  29. I’d be happy to show CJ what’s in my purse, but it’s not as exciting as what he’s got.

  30. Marilyn weinman says:

    I love the creativity of CJ ! His sense of humor is awesome !! Good going CJ ~ I ‘d love too have a purse like yours!!

  31. Bri says:

    If CJ really likes looking in people’s bags, you should look at this photo project! I found it over the summer and read through all of them. It’s called Persona and shows a picture of the person and the contents of their bag.

    Melanie Diptych

    I think it’s really rad. It’s kind of my guilty pleasure blog read! I think some photos have lighters, but I don’t think there’s anything too inappropriate in any of them. You might want to flip through the photos just to make sure c:

  32. shelly martischewsky says:

    The best are the fancy skeleton head (cuz it’s like mom without her skin) and the fake rat (just cuz).
    My purse is sooooo boring, I’m going to go find some cool stuff to put in it right now. CJ is so cool, you better save this for when he becomes famous for the before and after purse photo!

  33. Jeff says:

    This is so cute and brilliant! My only question is how does he fit all that stuff in his purse! Amazing!

  34. Tristen says:

    I’ve been wanting to carry a purse, but I could never find enough stuff to put in it too justify it. Cjs got some cool ideas and I have a Julius monkey that needs a special place now. 🙂

  35. Lycere Cunningham says:

    This has got to be the most adorable thing ever! 😀 It’s awesome to hear (read) C.J.’s own words. And I love that ‘rainbow’ is one of his favorite colors!

  36. quilteresq says:

    That was hysterical! Loved his list!

  37. Lisa says:

    I love the way CJ looks at life! Thanks for sharing this. Tell CJ that I will definitely give a lot more thought to what I carry in my purse!

  38. Ahh so cute!! Would love to see some pictures!

  39. RowanF says:

    Aww, thank CJ for sharing this. His purse is awesome! My purse is much more boring – wallet, chopsticks, 3 lipsticks, iPhone, headphones and a pill bottle. Obviously I need more bling!

  40. Sheri says:

    :::biggrin::: love that CJ’s ‘voice’ is so strong and clear…way to go tribe CJ!

  41. tempestadore says:

    This made my day, which hasn’t been exactly pleasant up until this point (other bloggers and their mean-spirited opinions, if you catch my drift). I need to start writing down the things my son says.

    If you get a chance, tell him I thank him for the rat idea; I think I may do the same! (because, even if it doesn’t actually scare the robber away, I’m hoping no one will want to mess with a person who keeps a random, realistic toy rat in their purse.)

    Just have to point out, my favorite is probably the skeleton because he says “My mom’s skeleton head will look this fancy when she dies and her skin falls off.” Hilarious!

  42. Allyson says:

    That brought a smile to my face! Thank you for sharing. I too enjoy reading the “What’s in my Bag” articles.

  43. MacTavish14 says:

    Best blog post ever, CJ.

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