RaisingMyRainbow.com is a blog about the adventures in raising a slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son.

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RaisingMyRainbow.com is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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4 Responses to RaisingMyRainbow.com is a blog about the adventures in raising a slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son.

  1. A friend of mine shared your latest post yesterday and I’ve been reading your blog since then (every entry!) I think this is awesome. Both my nephews’ first toys included a “boy baby” doll, so they will know that dolls aren’t just for girls, and my older nephew, who is 3, absolutely LOVES Boy Baby. They gave him a second Boy Baby for Christmas this year, and Boy Baby number two is named Sam. So far both nephews are “all boy” but I’m glad to know that if they start liking “girl” things, their parents will be cool with it. I am also glad to know that there are parents out there that are happy to cherish their children as they are. Thank you.

  2. Jackie says:

    Read the article in the OC Register today and was so moved!
    I can remember having my first son after two daughters and thinking I was so progressive to offer gender-neutral toys “so he could grow up to be whatever he wanted to be.” I also can remember having belly laughs when, even before walking, he turned soup cans into cars and trucks to vroom-vroom and growled with the stuffed animals.
    My reason for sharing is that these kids are going to be who they are. We think we affect who they are going to become by restricting their environment(s) but it’s already inside them–all we can affect is the character and integrity that we model to them.
    Both your sons are lucky to have involved parents!
    Mom to 5.

    P.S. I especially LOVE that you turned the birthday party into a trip to Disneyland–awesome way to think outside the box!

  3. Ro says:

    I can not say how much reading this blog has made me feel so much happier ❤ you are an amazing mom!!! and i am so thankful for the mothers out there like you. when i first came out to my mother she opened her arms and said nothing more that she loves me. i also remember playing with dolls like c.j. but it was always hidden from everyone so by you letting him be open to his fullest expression makes me really happy i am now trully a fan ❤ i love this blog and you guys are fabulous ❤ wish you guys only but the best

  4. Jon Halbur says:

    You are an inspiration. I was that effeminant boy, my mom faught for me to be left alone. This was in the early 60’s. I remember every Christmas we would gather at my Grandmother’s home in Denver and she would have gotten us all kinds of surprises. Coloring books for the boys and tons of paper dolls for the girls. I loved coloring but I loved the paper dolls more…this apparently raised quite a few eyebrows but, Mom stood by her guns.
    I was allowed to play with what I wanted to play with…after all I could grow up to be a hairdresser or famous designer who knew?
    My grade school and high school years were not easy, but I did discover showbusiness and I was welcomed and accepted in theatre. I started singing on a childrens t.v. show, and found my niche.
    You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading more about you and your FABULOUS family!

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