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The Boy Who Cried Fabulous

When Uncle Uncle comes to visit he always arrives bearing gifts; beautifully wrapped gifts, because – after all — merchandising and appearance are everything. One of the favorites, by far, is the book The Boy Who Cried Fabulous written by … Continue reading

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Falling Off the Boy Toy Wagon Into Girl Toy Heaven

It was like watching somebody come alive, watching a flower bloom, watching a rainbow cross the sky. It was the day C.J. discovered Barbie. Back story: Uncle Uncle and I had a bad Barbie addiction as children. It was tough … Continue reading

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A Boy Wants a Doll: Father Grows Uncomfortable When Son Challenges Gender Stereotypes

Tonight on “What Would You Do?” (ABC at 9 p.m.) the show sets up a scenario at a toy store and sends in actors to see what people will say when a father struggles with the thought of buying a doll for … Continue reading

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Toe Rings for Pa’s 63rd Birthday

It was Pa’s 63rdbirthday, which always necessitates a big hoopla because Pa is one of those people who L-O-V-E-S his birthday.  I’m the opposite by the way. Any-who, Nana Grab Bags is happy to accommodate and fulfill Pa’s fantasies of … Continue reading

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If Homosexuality Could be Detected During Pregnancy Would You Want to Know?

My last blog post made me – again – consider this question….. If homosexuality could be detected during pregnancy through routine blood work or standard ultrasound, what percentage of people would want to know?  What percentage of people would abort? … Continue reading

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Did C.J. Create the First-Ever Gay Pride Lego?

C.J.’s Brother is a Lego-building wunderkind.  While he loves to build and engineer, C.J. hoards the mini-figs (a.k.a. the Lego people, for those of you not up on your Lego lingo).  I find C.J.’s hoarded mini-figs everywhere: in his pockets, … Continue reading

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Cast of Characters: And Characters They Are….

C.J. – The most enchanting child you will ever meet with an insane knack for art and color, interior design and dance.  His passions include Barbie, Disney Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake and women’s hair and shoes.  Paul Deen holds a special … Continue reading

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