Did C.J. Create the First-Ever Gay Pride Lego?

C.J.’s Brother is a Lego-building wunderkind.  While he loves to build and engineer, C.J. hoards the mini-figs (a.k.a. the Lego people, for those of you not up on your Lego lingo).  I find C.J.’s hoarded mini-figs everywhere: in his pockets, in his backpack, under his pillow, in the bath and – one time – up his nose.

C.J. can’t just leave the mini-figs as is.  He HAS to switch them up.  The Martina Navratilova-inspired tennis player gets the hula girl head complete with a plumeria in the ear.  The skateboarder boy gets the disco dancer’s huge black afro.  The Kung Fu master gets the queen’s crown and braids. 

But….my all-time favorite…..is this one…. 

C.J. created this Lego Mini-Fig. It's his all-time fav. What does it make you think of?

Created by C.J., it is his favorite too.  He refers to it as both a “pretty” he and a she.  In private, C.J.’s Dad refers to it as the “Village Person” Lego and I refer to it as “Gay Pride” Lego.

In case you were wondering, that’s a policeman’s head with Princess Leia body.  Check out the cleavage! Or are those pecs?

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Tons of thanks and cyber hugs go out to the hundreds of people who have checked out my blog since my first real posting on Monday.  Especially the people who took the time to comment, you have no idea how much your words mean to me.  Know that.

I hesitated to start this blog because I feared the haters.  Luckily they haven’t found me yet!

My motto for 2011?  What needs to be done?  Why not me?  Why not now?

My next post is on Monday, check back, I think it’s a good one.

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RaisingMyRainbow.com is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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5 Responses to Did C.J. Create the First-Ever Gay Pride Lego?

  1. So spoiled.

    My Lego mini figs didn’t have enough detail to do something like this.

    Kinda jealous.

  2. xenophilicx says:

    That picture of his creative mini-fig made me smile 🙂

  3. I am a gay woman and worked in law enforcement for quite some time. I mostly teach now. I was laughing for a long time reading this one. I love C.J.!!! His creativity is out of this world. I loved the mini-fig. Too cute!

  4. meetkristenlavallee says:

    I love his creativity!! A definate brilliant mind in the works.

  5. Dan O'Brien says:

    This kid will definitely change the world. Or at least his little part of it. 😉 All the great’s thought outside the box. Obviously so does he.

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