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Fifteen Dollar Happiness Only Lasts So Long

At this point, C.J. isn’t exactly athletic.  He’s good with rhythm and movement and loves gymnastics.  He especially hated (or hates, depending on the day) riding his bike.  He’s more Paul Hamm than Lance Armstrong (doping or not). Last week … Continue reading

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Two Cents, a Giveaway and Some Housekeeping

We’ve all read this story recently right? Here are my two cents… One cent:     The headline reads “Parents Keep Baby’s Gender Under Wraps,” when it should read “Parents Keep Baby’s Sex Under Wraps…And Let it Declare its Own Gender.” … Continue reading

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P.S. My Son Loves You

We don’t get out much.  With our busy social schedules at home (you know, little league, gymnastics, kiddie parties, returning things to Target) and our lack of funds (hello, our primary breadwinner is a public servant), our kids aren’t exactly … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Get Better than an It Gets Better Giveaway!

I’m reading the It Gets Better book and it has turned me into a rapid-cycling bipolar.  One minute I’m happy and thankful that Dan Savage and Terry Miller had the vision and dedication to make their It Gets Better Project … Continue reading

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Forget Construction, I Belong on the Stage

Here’s what I know about children’s museums.  They are crowded.  They are grimy.  They are germy.  They are overrun with children and uber-parents.  They are no place for a hangover.  Maybe it’s different where you live, but I doubt it.  … Continue reading

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Ms. Sunshine Calls C.J. a Diva

I heart C.J.’s preschool teacher, Ms. Sunshine.  She understands C.J., celebrates him, supports him and thinks he’s pretty fabulous.  As C.J. approaches the end of his first full year in preschool, Ms. Sunshine scheduled the obligatory parent-teacher conference to discuss … Continue reading

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Teeth Cleaning and Tiaras

C.J. had a dentist appointment this week, which he was not thrilled about.  The only way to get him to cooperate?  Bribes.  Candy.  Toys.  Lunch.  Shots of tequila.  Whatever it takes.  What really works best is the promise of a … Continue reading

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