C.J.’s Fall 2011 Collection

The women in my family can sew. For generations they have made their own clothes, quilts, costumes, pillows, tissue box covers, curtains, prom dresses, you name it. The talent was also passed on to my brother, Uncle Uncle, who once even sewed a bra — using no pattern — and filled it with pounds of bird seed to simulate the heft and sag of real breasts. Yes, my brother has mad sewing skills and heaving breasts, and I have neither.

I have never been so thankful for Uncle Uncle’s way with a sewing machine until he arrived at our house in the nick of time this weekend.

Nana Grab Bags had just bought C.J. this washcloth.
During the course of bathing with it he was struck by inspiration. He wanted it on a shirt.

“You mean you want a Tiana shirt?,” I asked.

“No, I want this Tiana on a shirt,” he replied, like he was speaking to a complete imbecile.

“You want that washcloth on a shirt?”

“Yeeeeaaaaaaahhh,” he said as his head weaved from left to right and right to left with massive amounts of attitude.

“I don’t know if we have a shirt….”

“I know which one!,” he dashed off and returned with this shirt of his father’s, which C.J. says is “soft and wiggly,” but not “nice.”
I got my sewing machine out and stalled. And stalled. And stalled. And, then, Uncle Uncle arrived.

After a serious talk about C.J.’s design concept and a purple marker was used for added allure, the first piece of C.J.’s Fall 2011 collection was complete.
Thank you Uncle Uncle for understanding and supporting C.J. when the rest of us are a little slow.

* * *

In Monday’s post (Which Way to Pre-K?) I asked if you thought that I should explain to C.J.’s new Pre-K teacher that he is gender nonconforming or let her figure it out on her. Pretty much everybody thought that I should give her a heads up. That’s what my gut was telling me, too. I’ll have to let you know how that goes. Thanks for all of your comments and e-mails!

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RaisingMyRainbow.com is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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11 Responses to C.J.’s Fall 2011 Collection

  1. mzvehrzed says:

    Uncle Uncle is just as cool as you Cj’s mom! 🙂 Btw Cj’s stance tickled me…love his shirt!

  2. Alaina says:

    This post made me smile so much (especially the photos)!! To C.J.’s mom: you are doing a fantastic job, and I have so much respect for you! And to C.J.: know that you and others like you are loved by many people…. so remember that fact in the future, and hopefully you’ll keep things in perspective. Much love to C.J.’s family and this blog ❤

  3. Alan says:

    I was at a Jo-an Fabrics and I saw that they have Disney Princess PJ type fabric. since CJ can’t have the panties maybe someone can sew him some pajama pants with the princess on them. just a thought. 🙂 Love the Blog

  4. Angela says:

    :puts on Edna Mode glasses: “That’s CJ. He’s SO hot right now.”

  5. Is it me or is that a giant washcloth? I love the shirt, though, and much prefer the appliqued washcloth to the crazy screenprinting.

  6. I love the pose!!! Go C.J.!!!

  7. Having Uncle Uncle may be more important as you go through this journey of life. Unlce Uncle can provide you with some insight that others can’t and you’ll find that to be a blessing.

  8. Work the runway, CJ!

  9. Rick says:

    Way to go C.J.! It won’t be long until you have your own fashion show on South Beach!

  10. Tommy says:

    I love the shirt, it’s brilliantly creative. Does C.J. strike a pose like the picture from inner instinct, or do you think he’s learned it from magazines and TV? Sort of a fashionista “nature versus nurture” question, I guess. Keep this up and one day soon C.J. will bring you out on the catwalk at the end of premiering his first line of ready-to-wear in NYC!

  11. AkMom says:

    I love it, C.J.! You and Uncle Uncle make a great team!

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