If Only He Could Drive…


C.J. scared the crap out of me. We were out running errands and he let go of my hand in a parking lot and made a mad dash for the car of his dreams.

Why, yes, that is the official car of Lipstick Bail Bonds and he was standing next to it jumping up and down.

“Can we get it? Can we get it? Please! It’s pink and has kisses on it. I want it! Take my picture by it!”

People were looking and C.J. was posing like he was on American’s Next Top Model. I took his picture with it like he was meeting Tyra Banks.

“Hi,” a man said awkwardly from behind me. Of course the driver of the car would come out and catch us touching and photographing his vehicle.

“Oh, um, hi,” I said with my sweetest smile. “I’m sorry, but my son loves your car.”

“No problem. Do you all want some t-shirts?,” he asked.

“YES!,” screamed C.J.

The nice man from Lipstick Bail Bonds gave us stickers, air freshners and tank tops. Who knew that bail bondsmen carried so many chotchkies with them. Here is C.J. wearing the tank top that he selected. He’s layered it over a hospital gown and paired it with his rain boots. Naturally.

Twelve years from now, he fully expects to see that car in our driveway on his birthday.

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11 Responses to If Only He Could Drive…

  1. Amanda says:

    I love that the man had t-shirts to give out. How fantastic for CJ!

  2. Gabriel says:

    Hi, I’m a gay 18 years old boy from Uruguay, in SouthAmerica. As in the US homosexuality is not completely accepted in here and when I was a child I had to deal with being a person inside my home and being other outside so that I wouldn’t disappoint my family. I suffered a lot because apart from all the bullying at school I had no one to talk to at home. Wish you luck with your son and I hope he’ll know how to value the great mother he’s got.

  3. I discovered your blog last night and just finished reading the entire thing. Ahhhhmaaazing. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  4. lkeefLindsey says:

    Haha love it! My sister inherited my yellow x-terrra and had it painted BRIGHT pink with sparkles. This was when we lived in Huntington Beach. She sold it a few years later to a 16 year old girl in Yorba Linda. Keep an eye out! It has great first car karma.

  5. devotchka says:

    I love how enthusiastic kids get over things! It’s so awesome that the owner of the car didn’t even blink at a little boy being excited over his stuff, AND gave y’all some awesome trinkets to make him even happier. I’d never heard of Lipstick Bail Bonds, but kudos to him!

  6. Is it a bail bond company for ladies (because even lady criminals like pink?). CJ’s styling instincts show real talent– I’m not kidding. I think he’ll really be turning it out in a few years!

  7. Kat says:

    What in the world is “Lipstick Bail Bonds”? Is it really a bail bond company? I can see why CJ likes it, It sure stands out!

  8. Lyn~ says:

    Gotta love a kid who knows their own mind… rather refreshing actually; be proud CJ has no need of a shepherd; this young individual knows what works and has found a path that fits comfortably…. its better than raising a kid who feels broken!

  9. Tommy says:

    Well, technically speaking, aren’t cars considered “boy” things? Okay, well, it’s a stretch I know…

    Does C.J. know who RuPaul is yet? Or would that be throwing gasoline on the fire?

    What does he want to be for Halloween?

  10. Kirsti says:

    I love Mr. Lipstick Bailbonds…* Hooray for open-hearted generosity! But don’t let CJ see the pink Hummer and Smart Car at http://www.lipstickbailbonds.net – or he just might want to add a 3-car garage to his sweet 16 wishlist. If he didn’t get enough schwag today, maybe you could satisfy him with some pink fur handcuffs, LBB lip gloss, or the LBB hummer baseball hat, all available on their web site. Too funny!
    *Wikipedia says co-owner ‘Teresa Golt is quoted in ABC News as saying if a guy wants to be a “Lipstick Bond girl” he’d just have to adhere to the company requirements of wearing pink clothes, shoes, lipstick and driving the pink cars.’

  11. Heather says:

    Stick to your guns, CJ (and CJ’s Mom)

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