Our Gender Nonconforming Halloween Party

One of the absolute best things about having this blog is that it has enabled my family to meet and forge friendships with other families raising gender nonconforming kids.

We’ve found two families locally that we’ve gotten to know since summer. One of our gender nonconforming friends is a sweet little boy named C.K., who I’ve written about before. C.K. is five and wanted to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. But, he was afraid that people would make fun of him, so he selected a Spiderman costume instead. Then, he was bummed that he didn’t get to be Minnie Mouse.

Well, he can be Minnie Mouse at our house! So, C.J. and I hosted our first annual gender nonconforming Halloween costume party. C.K. came dressed as Minnie Mouse and he brought his mom, dad and brother who was a ninja.

Our other friend T.L. came. He will be trick-or-treating as Cleopatra on Halloween, but came to our party as a black cat. He brought his mom.

C.J. got all decked out in his pink fairy costume and C.J.’s Brother wore his grim reaper costume. I donned the fascinator that I wore when I called in sick to work and watched Will and Kate get married. Nana Grab Bags showed up dressed as a sassy witch.

From left: T.L., C.J. and C.K. These boys are going to change the world.

We decorated our nails.

C.K. painted his own left hand, his mom helped him with his right hand.

We decorated pumpkins.

C.J. decorating his pumpkin.  He gave her long blue wavy hair all the way around.

We decorated cookies.

C.J.’s cookie decorating skills know no bounds.

T.L. enjoying his cookie while wearing one of my old wigs.

Everybody got a goody bag.

C.J. and his goody bag.

And we had the best Halloween party ever. Boo!


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RaisingMyRainbow.com is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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36 Responses to Our Gender Nonconforming Halloween Party

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  2. Sas says:

    Those pumpkins are awesome, you obviously have very creative children, and I love the thought of you sat watching the royal wedding wilst wearing your fascinator 🙂

  3. Hi – I’ve just found your blog and I love it. I’m raising my son to be a ‘person’ – without placing gender ‘restrictions’ on him…I just hadn’t found the right words to describe this parenting style. Thank you!

  4. jvemily says:

    How happy I am to have been introduced to your blog! Are you talking about my son?! LoL. I’ve been trying to introduce my boy to more children he can relate to. I’m in Northern CA, you?

  5. Chrissy S says:

    Love your posts. You’ve very much transformed my thinking about how quickly “we” are to pigeonhole gender norms for children. As I’m clicking around looking for a gift for my niece I’ve noticed how Toys R Us website breaks down into G v B and FAO Schwarz is all by category, gender not important. Cheers to you and yours, have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  6. I’ve just found your blog now and it truly is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. You have a big heart and it’s wonderfully refreshing and heartwarming. All the best!

  7. deli says:

    Hi, stumbled upon your blog today when I was surfing – and I have just read through almost each and every post :)). Wanted to tell you how much I loved your blog – you are a very brave and super-awesome Mom. C.J. is very lucky to have all of you. Do what you have been doing, don’t get bogged down by what others think or say. I am a mom myself and I believe the only thing we can really give our children is just the freedom to be. Strength, love, and laughter to you…. Cheers!

  8. Lance says:

    As I sat in my cousins home in RSM during halloween, passing out candy and watching the joy on each of those kids faces, it reminds me of the magic of such a holiday. Every child and parent roaming the neighborhood conversing, laughing with no worries in the world. Every child dressing up as “they” want, every parent seeing the joy on their child’s face. This is the magic of Halloween! Two thumbs up on your party! I bet more kids would have loved to be part of such a joyful gathering!

  9. emmamulligan says:

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. For more, go to this post: http://thisbrokenjaw.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/i-got-to-sleep-for-an-extra-hour-today-and-i-woke-up-to-this/

  10. Bonnie G says:

    Melts my heart. 🙂

  11. adria tate says:

    That is awesome! Children should have a safe place where they can just be themselves! Congratulations on being the best mom ever!!

  12. Lance says:

    An awesome idea! I’m sure the kids hope that will be an annual event!

  13. Arrow says:

    Your blog has been such an inspiration to me! I’m planning on becoming an elementary school teacher and you’ve helped me transform my thoughts and feelings! I would be extremely lucky to have a wonderful child like yours to teach one day!

  14. Absolutely AWESOME! These children are going to grow up with a strong sense of self because you have allowed them to be themselves instead of someone they think they are expected to be. They will indeed change the world!

  15. 2umma says:

    Wish we lived nearby to join in on the fun!

  16. adoptionista says:

    Love it! What a great way to celebrate!

  17. George says:

    Wonderful! 😀

  18. atticcrazy says:

    I love your blog so much and I get so excited when I receive a new email letting me know there is a new post! What I love more than that though, is the fact that you and CJ’s dad (and the parents of these other precious children) are letting kids be who they are at this moment in time. I don’t know any parents who have allowed their children more creative and expressive freedom.

    This world is sometimes a very hard place in which to live. I find people to be meaner and more selfish as time goes by, but it is reading blogs like yours, by people like you and your husband, that give me hope still for the world.

    I would say that you deserve some kind of parenting award, but you already have it. The love that your boys have for you is strong and deep and will last your entire lifetime. What better award could you receive?

  19. notoriousdsg says:


  20. Danielle says:

    I love your stair pumpkins! They have personalities! 😛

  21. Ellen says:

    How wonderful!! CJ is so lucky to have you two as parents and so happy that CJ’s friends could celebrate and be themselves. I especially loved the pumpkins!! Soo clever!

  22. bodhimoments says:

    nice! I especially like the pumpkins!

  23. lutiesmom says:

    love the rainbow toes!

  24. Sounds like a blasty of a partay!

  25. Caitlin says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and I am always touched by your posts. This party looks amazing!! It brings such joy to my heart that these little boys get to be their own amazing creative selves. I especially love the picture of the 30 little toes. Your caption made me tear. Thanks for being an amazing mother and advocate for freedom. xox

  26. MamaofDoo says:

    Totally want to be invited next year!!!!!!! Love ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Denise says:

    How fantastic! I love that all the boys could dress how they wanted, no fear, no teasing. Just the way it should be in life.

  28. What a great idea!! So glad that you’ve been able to connect with other families and that you could all celebrate together! And CJ’s big brother is definitely a great brother! 🙂

  29. L says:

    “These boys are going to change the world.” Amen

  30. StarSpry says:

    That’s so great! I’m glad everyone could dress the way they wanted and have such fun at your party 🙂

  31. ButchDyke(is that redundant)? says:


  32. Dr. Sayers says:

    Nothing scary about that Halloween party. Love it!

  33. grannyK says:

    The pumpkins are adorable!

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