Friday Fodder: Happy Birthday C.J. Edition

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes.  The birthday boy is now snuggled in bed wearing his new Disney Princess nightgown clutching his two new Monster High Dolls. The big party is tomorrow; wish us luck and be on the lookout for pictures next week.

* * *

In honor of C.J.’s sixth birthday, the winner of last week’s coloring book giveaway (One of Kind Colouring Book 1. Surprise Box) is the sixth person to enter by commenting on that blog post.  Congratulations are in order for Sofia, who wanted the coloring book for her daughter who loves dinosaurs and enjoys wearing clothes from the “boy side” of department stores.

* * *

From time to time readers contact me hoping that I can help them meet other gender creative families in their area.   If you are in the following areas and looking to connect with other families raising a gender nonconforming child, email me at


  • Philadelphia/Lower Merion/Haverford area


  • Seattle


  • Oakland
  • Glendora
  • Murrieta/Temecula
  • Newbury Park


  • Western Connecticut (approximately one hour from Massachusetts border)

About raisingmyrainbow is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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22 Responses to Friday Fodder: Happy Birthday C.J. Edition

  1. Donna says:

    Happy belated birthday CJ!! I would also just like to say that if anyone is looking in the Greater Cincinnati area for playmates, my kids are not gender non informing but are very supportive and allies! Feel free to contact CJs mom and she can get with me to set up a date!

  2. Happy birthday to CJ from down in New Zealand! We have a “gender-creative” bellbird in the nature reserve here in the capital! 🙂

  3. M says:

    I LOVE that the list of regions is exactly all and only the places I have lived in my life or am about to live this year, missing one place only. Good locations, families of gender-creative kids! I grew up a well-adjusted lesbian with love for all of those spots.
    Also, happy birthday CJ! This is my first comment but I’m a loyal reader and fan.

  4. Tommy says:

    Your ‘blind mailbox’ offer for families across the country brought to mind a similar practice that gay men of all persuasions (mild to wild is what they call it on hook up apps today), employed in the 1970’s. In the classified sections of magazines like DRUMMER, men would post ads looking for other men who shared their particular interests. They would then mail a letter (remember that?) to a P.O. Box and that letter would be forwarded to the other party.

    Imagine how long that took to find someone in a semi-secretive world hidden in plain sight. The letter writing could go on for months before someone might travel to meet. Even then, you never knew what to expect. Practically parchment and a quill pen, smoke signals or carrier pigeons.

    I feel for the families today with gender creative kids who are looking for others like themselves. Bless you C.J.’s Mom, you are following in the big black bootprints left by Leather men of yore. ;-{)

  5. pegges says:

    awe, I missed it due to illness. happy belated birthday dear c.j. !!! we’re proud of you.

  6. Carissa says:

    Looking forward to hearing all about CJ’s fabulous party! Happy Birthday, CJ!!

  7. quietowl says:

    I was on eBay tonight looking for a baby doll for my son. I discovered this one, and immediately thought of C.J.: a boy dressed in a fab pink outfit. The seller unfortunately calls it a “factory error.”

    Happy birthday to C.J.!

  8. morgan says:

    I hope C.J has a very happy birthday

  9. I have recently finished reading all the post of your blog. Your are an amazing mom! (I wish my family were as supportive as yours)
    I have found this short story recently, I thought you might like it:

    Regards from Argentina!

  10. Mark Reed says:

    a friend of mine told me about your blog and I thought I would have a look, what I’ve read so far is great and may I send birthday wishes to C.J.

    as I write this my friends and I are preparing to go to Pride March which will be held in StKILDA Australia, as I watch the different groups go by I will think of you and C.J.
    keep up the good work I am looking forward to following your blog.

  11. Kristin says:

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Aquarian, CJ, and much peace to your family for this six year adventure you have all taken to BE love for a much beloved CJ.

  12. Happy Birthday to a valient and beautiful spirit!

  13. Mickey says:

    Have a wonderful birthday CJ!
    I hope you get everything you wish for!!

  14. Lisa says:

    My birthday wish for C.J. is for a safe, positive, and happy school experience. I believe that the atmosphere in schools is beginning to change and become more accepting and welcoming to all students. At least, this is my wish for C.J. and all of the other children who feel that they don’t fit the molds society creates for us.

  15. Happy birthday CJ!!

    And thanks to the people that commented about my coloring book!
    Until sunday night, there will be something special happening, if you enter ”happybirthdaycj” in the promo section when buying it. :3 Just sayin’!

  16. Happy Birthday, CJ! Looking forward to hearing about the party, I hope it’s a fabulous day!

  17. Gillian. says:

    Happy birthday brilliant boy!

  18. Congratulations Sofia, Ud tiene buen suerte!

  19. Alyssa says:

    Happy Birthday, beautiful!!!! It’s amazing how one little person can touch so many lives!

  20. jeff says:

    Have lot’s of fun and cake!

  21. strawberryquicksand says:

    I can’t wait to hear all about the birthday party! Happy birthday, CJ!

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