Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Tomorrow, Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son will be released!

I’ll start the day by being interviewed on The TODAY Show.  Look for C.J.’s Dad and me to make our television debuts at about 8:40 a.m.

* * *

A Conversation with Lori Duron and Jennifer Finney Boylan

Click here to read a piece from Psychology Today in which Jennifer Finney Boylan (She’s Not There and Stuck in the Middle With You: A Memoir of Parenting in Three Genders) and I discuss our memoirs, gender, parenting and family.

* * *

While Writing My Book, I Stopped Reading 

While writing Raising My Rainbow I stopped reading books.  I couldn’t take the chance of sounding like somebody else. Even though I wasn’t reading any of their works at the time, there were five authors who kept popping into my head as I wrote, keeping me company and providing inspiration and strength.  Click here to learn who the five authors were.

Pre-order the Raising My Rainbow book!



About raisingmyrainbow is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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32 Responses to Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

  1. Jesse says:

    I got my copy of the book yesterday 🙂 that one will be for Chad and I picked up the Kindle edition for myself. I’m about to start reading it. I know it’s going to be awesome. I also saw your segment on the Today show so lets not just breeze over how stunning you looked miss 😉

  2. Krissy says:

    Hi! Congrats on the book! That’s really exciting. I wish I had found your site in time to preorder haha.
    I just found your blog today… and read the entire thing from beginning to end in almost one sitting xD (meaning I’ve been reading it all day). I wish I had been a follower from the beginning. I certainly am now, and on payday I’m definitely buying the book.
    You are amazing, your family is amazing.

  3. katiebarthedoor says:

    I am a mother of four grown children from age 40 to 24. Our youngest is transgender. I always knew from conception on that this child was different. I was not surprised but I was not prepared to even think that I could have a transgender child. In fact, I did not even know what transgender was. I wish that I had known many times for I could have spared this child a lot of agony. I approached our child when she was 18 and told her that I felt she had something that she needed to tell us. She was fearful of losing our love but was prepared and determine to be true to herself. Her first revelation to us was that she was Lesbian. We completely embraced and lovingly accepted this knowledge. Honestly, I was not prepared to learn, a short time later, that she indeed was transgender. Although, I was not completely surprised having an inner sense for years that she never identified completely with the female gender. We, as a family, have completely accepted and love our son and support him.

    I am so glad that there is more awareness of gender identity/non-conformity issues. I still have much to learn and to understand even as a 61 year old mother. I want to support my son and others like him. I am appalled at the ignorance I have encountered and I feel that I am helpless at times. I want to help guide my son to live a full and enriched life. He is very independent and has lived in another state for four years. He lives in a world that is dangerous for him and needs the right sources to help him navigate through life. He is ready to further his education having done some college already. This is part of my story and a few of my thoughts!

    Congratulations on your book and “Thank You!” You are brave parents!

  4. Your interview and news about your book has been shared in just about every parent support group i’m part of. I’m really looking forward to reading it! I hope you are receiving a positively warm response.

  5. Jeff says:

    Here’s the video on Today’s website:

    CJ’s Mom and Dad – You did a great job explaining this to the Today show audience. I’m glad to have faces to match to the stories I’ve been reading on this here blog!

  6. Jeff H. says:

    Have something very cool for you about gender identity. It’s called Annabel by Goldfrapp.

  7. Ally says:

    Just saw the video clip and how nice to be able to put voices and names with all of you. You are all exactly how I pictured you and just a gorgeous family. I know this took a lot of courage because how awful some people can be and I think it will go such a long way to help normalize this for a lot of people. As you said, there’s nothing wrong with it. Once things are no longer a secret, they start to lose their power over us.

  8. scribblenubbin says:

    Just saw the interview! Congrats on the book being published. Looking forward to reading it. You are both wonderful parents and I can’t stress enough how lucky your boys are to have you.

  9. Donna says:

    You’re now role models for parents who want to respect and encourage their children — who they REALLY are and want to be. Thank you for opening your lives to the world.

  10. Tommy says:

    OMG, I just happened to see this post at 8:39am and saw the whole Today segment! First, you are beautifully telegenic Lori, this will take you a long, long way in the business. (Dad is a ginger hottie too!) I am so thrilled to finally see C.J. and Chase in action, it brings an entirely new dimension to your story. What a premiere!!! What a career launch!! How many book options for TV or film will come in? Do you want the embroidered back of your directors chair to read Lori Duron or just C.J.’s Mom? Tell us what it was like backstage on Today, were the boys with you? I’m just having a notion that a wealthy, older actress will be the champion to take this to the next level. Someone who wants to play Nana Grab bags. Sandy Bullock? Meryl? Or maybe Christine Vachon of Killer Films? As always, you brighten my day with your courage and humor.

  11. dadmissions says:

    congrats.. sharing the good news on Dadmissions the book over at Facebook

  12. Emily Crochet says:

    You rocked it Lori! Biggest smile on my face right now. Can’t wait to show Andrew the clip tonight!



    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Congratulations!! I am expecting delivery of my book today!

  14. mhasegawa says:

    Barnes and Noble is shipping as we speak.

  15. bookangel2 says:

    Congratulations on publication of your amazing book. I read a pre-release copy and think it is very good – an important and supportive book.

  16. Cathilee Sharretts says:

    Congratulations & best of luck with your brave journey. I just learned Amazon has shipped my 4 copies. BLESSINGS to you & your amazing family. Sending deep appreciation.

  17. auntiemip says:

    Congratulations Lori!

    I pre-ordered my book weeks ago and I cannot wait.

    May I share something with you? I suppose that is rhetorical, but I hope you’d answer yes. I have commented dozens of times on your blog. This past December, in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, you posted my comment on your blog. I was so touched and honored. I feel like we are friends and I tell people about my wonderful, talented and powerful friend with her beautiful, imaginative and unique little boy. I hope that is okay. But to be honest that isn’t what I wanted to share.

    I think it is no small coincidence that your book is hitting bookstores in early September. Because your book will teach people to love unconditionally. It will teach people that diversity is a gift. That we are not all intended to be the same. And we need to learn that lesson and September is the perfect month for that!

    You see, September is pediatric cancer awareness month and I am a pediatric oncology nurse. My brother died of leukemia. I understand first hand what the end of the world looks like and I promise you having a child who is gay or gender non-conforming is not the end of the world. I feel much the same way as I did that night of the Newtown shootings. There is so much legitimate sadness and anguish in this life, so much to wail about and gnash our teeth, that a healthy child who is different simply does not qualify as tragic for me.

    Maybe it is because today, and every day, 39 children will be diagnosed with cancer. Because in 2013, 3300 children will die from cancer despite the best medical treatment in the world. Because I know many of the parents who’s children died in 2013 and 2012 and 2011. And all the way back to 1989 when my nursing career began and 1968 when my own brother died. And I know these parents would give anything for one more day.

    Than you Lori, for taking a risk. For being brave. For speaking truth. For loving your boys with all your heart simply for who they are. It can all be taken away in the blink of an eye and for 39 families that blink came today. Thank you for not blinking.

    Congratulations my friend!

  18. Can’t wait to read it. To the moon, mom! Shine that tolerance light big and strong. Love, Paulette

  19. I am so excited for you and your family! ! I just set my DVR so I won’t miss your interview.
    Cathy Milne the Bagg Lady

  20. Kimberly says:

    I have my kindle version on preorder.

  21. Joe says:

    I am so sad that I will miss the national debut of the Duron family! However, I will be on the lookout for the interview tomorrow afternoon hopefully on the Today Show’s website. Lori, you all have been an inspiration to so many, and you all deserve the recognition for bringing the subject of gender creative children to light! Rock on!

  22. mark says:

    break a leg Duron family! tomorrow the discussion starts in earnest.

  23. Paula Turner says:

    Congratulations! I too look forward to my (now-shipped) book! Thank you and good luck tomorrow!

  24. I also got my email about my pre-ordered book being on it’s way! I am bringing it on my trip to California with me and really looking forward to reading it on the plane! 🙂

  25. Laurie says:

    Hey Lori, I just got an email from Amazon that my pre-ordered book is shipping! Yea! Looking forward to a good read–best of luck!

  26. Chris says:

    Yay! Just received Amazon’s confirmation that your book has been shipped to me. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for everything you’re doing, on behalf of all families with princess boys and gender fluid kids.

  27. Harriet says:

    Congratulations to you on your successful journey down this road.

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