The Scariest Monster My Son Can Think Of


Quick! Guess which one is C.J.’s!

I hope you guys are ready for some serious spookiness, because in C.J’s class they were given a Mad Libs style story about a monster. They had to dream up the scariest monster they could imagine and fill in the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs to create a truly terrifying tale. Then, they were given a drawing of Frankenstein’s monster and they had to color it to represent their monster, as well as a step-sheet to drawing it again to add to the easy and cool things to draw collection for them.

I saw some of the monsters created by C.J.’s classmates. They were Horrible Monsters, Terrible Monsters, Scary Monsters, Angry Monsters and Mean Monsters.

And, then there was C.J.’s…The Disco Monster.

The Disco Monster

By: C.J., Grade 2

The Disco Monster

The Disco Monster

The Disco Monster crept out of the swamp on its roller skates. Its skin was very bright! Its eyes were very blue and its teeth were very small. It had a humongous black afro and it was covered in gum!

The Disco Monster pulled itself along the ground slowly toward the happy children playing in the park. It had not eaten in days and its stomach was very crazy. The children were from C.J.’s second grade class. The creature is very fond of fresh second graders. He likes them for breakfast, because they are never terrible. The boys are hungry and a little scared. The girls are always scared and screaming. The creature’s eyes detected some third graders. He will have a few crazy third graders for dessert.

The creature was outsmarted by C.J.’s second grade class. They are so smart. They tricked him into going back into the Disco Gum Swamp by running around it. He chased them and fell in the sticky gum swamp.

C.J.’s second grade class cheered and clapped with excitement, for they know that if you use your smart brain, then you can always win.

“The Disco Monster has a humongous black afro and lipstick and gum on his face.” — C.J.

“The Disco Monster’s blazer is rainbow and patchwork with glitter and covered in gum.” — C.J.

“The best part about The Disco Monster is his roller skates. His afro is the number two best part.” — C.J.

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14 Responses to The Scariest Monster My Son Can Think Of

  1. Lori says:

    I would be terrified of a disco monster too…. has CJ thought of keeping gravel handy to throw under the wheels to slow it down?

  2. boysinthepinkaisle says:

    My son has an afro (quite large). Having gum stuck in it would mean he’d have to trade it in for a fade, which would suck. Perhaps that is why CJ’s monster is so grumpy? Teehee!

  3. hilthethrill says:

    Super creative! I hope he can hold on to that spark for ever! More adults need minds like that.

  4. Brian says:

    GEE, I think I just found my costume for this year ! ¡ 🙂
    Add glasses & inline skates, there we go *grin*
    (yes I skate, a bunch )

  5. Paula says:

    Love it, that is awesome! 🙂

  6. whatyouwant says:

    You all have taught him well! At least where I live, I’m not sure second graders would recognize a Disco Monster…too much time has passed since the disco days!

  7. Bennett says:

    He’s not making it up… I’ve seen them!

  8. Lisa says:

    I just love the way CJ thinks. He is creative and kind, and has the greatest imagination. I hope his classmates and his teacher see his awesomeness.

  9. jerbearinsantafe says:

    A lesson on how to be scary and fabulous at the same time!

  10. Silvara says:

    That is one scary monster! Your kid is so smart, I love reading about what he’s up to. And super creative too.

  11. Peg says:

    That is a great story by CJ. I picked out his drawing right away. There is only one CJ and his creations are unique.
    Thanks for the stories. I am enjoying keeping up with CJ

  12. Katrina says:

    I love C.J.’s disco monster! I agree having gum stuck in your hair, and being hungry is a true nightmare.

  13. Brian says:

    CJ is so smart and so cool! I hope the other kids love him.

  14. This story was crazy good! I’m glad C.J. used his smart brain to write it 🙂

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