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Should I Let My Gender-Creative Son Have Co-Ed Sleepovers?

“Mom, how come I never get invited to sleepovers?” my first grader asked from the backseat as we drove home from school one day last year. “Hannah had one and then Emma had one and now Olivia is having one and … Continue reading

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8 Books That Teach Kids About the Fluidity of Gender and the Importance of Acceptance

“Transgender and gender nonconforming people (think Caitlyn Jenner or Ruby Rose) are gaining more visibility as they find the courage to come out and live publicly as the most authentic versions of themselves. Around his third birthday, my son started showing signs … Continue reading

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My Son’s Funeral Dress

When Nana Grab Bags died on Memorial Day, we immediately started planning her Celebration of Life, mostly because it felt better to be actively doing something as opposed to sitting immobilized unable to do anything. And those were our only … Continue reading

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Friday Fodder: Raising Rainbows Scholarship

During my travels around the nation speaking to different groups and organizations, I fell in love with a school in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The Center School is a progressive, independent day school that offers rigorous education for deep thinkers and creative … Continue reading

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