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My Son’s Funeral Dress

When Nana Grab Bags died on Memorial Day, we immediately started planning her Celebration of Life, mostly because it felt better to be actively doing something as opposed to sitting immobilized unable to do anything. And those were our only … Continue reading

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Rest In The Most Fabulous Peace, Nana

Two weeks and one day ago, I talked to my mom (C.J.’s Nana Grab Bags) on the phone a little before dinnertime. I called her to announce that C.J. had finally lost the first of his top two front teeth. That … Continue reading

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My Son The Dressmaker

One of the things that I remember most about my maternal grandmother is that she loved to sew.  And, she was damn good at it.   Like, she could whip up a prom dress if you needed one at the last … Continue reading

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Maybe Brown Lip Gloss Just Isn’t the Right Color for Our Son

Nana Grab Bags bought C.J. a new lip gloss on a necklace; which is his fav-o-rite accessory this season. Here it is with the lip gloss closed. And, here it is with the café mocha-flavored lip gloss exposed. I pointed … Continue reading

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