C.J.’s Hotel Resort Has A Name!

Last week, C.J. shared his ideas for the hotel resort he wants to open when he grows up and he asked you to submit name suggestions because he was struggling to find the perfect name.

He went through all of your suggestions (more than 100!) repeatedly on Saturday. He made a short list of his four favorite names and carried it in his pocket on Sunday.

The final four:

  • AmazingNest
  • CAYA (Come As You Are)
  • Inn of the Rainbow
  • Pride Palace

Last night he finally decided on a name. Pride Palace!

After reading through all of the comments, C.J. would like you to know that his hotel resort will have plenty of vegetarian and vegan meal options, the staff will know sign language and there will be a small library filled with books. There will be cabins and cottages for guests who want less of a hotel resort feel. He is super excited to announce that the hotel resort will also host weddings!

He’s giddy that so many people want to stay at his hotel resort and that he already has legal and interior design professionals who have offered to lend an expert helping hand.

Thank you all for supporting and encourage my rainbow boy.



P.S. Michelle! You won the naming game. Your prize package (a tiny paper airplane, two tiny origami figures, a friendship bracelet and a note) will be headed your way shortly.


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16 Responses to C.J.’s Hotel Resort Has A Name!

  1. hotelcartel says:

    You should take him to one of Kate Pierson’s (from the B52s) hotels!

  2. Anonyplgrim says:

    The whole thing sounds fantastic.

  3. Love Pride Palace too!

  4. Lori T says:

    Perfect name!! Can’t wait to be a guest!

  5. MM says:

    I love the name Pride Palace, and fell this really says CJs meaning and vision so clearly. Super cool! I will bring lots of fun clothes when I come to stay there! I am sure it will be expensive, but I will have to save up. Pride Palace will be great! (If Pride Palace has a fundraising event for Planned Parenthood, you can have fun with the fact that both have the letters PP.)

  6. Bubsatreides says:

    So cool! Fingers crossed for the idea

  7. PatM says:

    As much as I had hoped my brilliant choices would have been used, with CJ in love with them, and then I would have won, I am so proud of CJ for his choices. Congrats to Michelle for the win and congrats to CJ for his future in the hotel business. Mazel Tov

  8. Sheridan Johnson says:

    Love the name! Great ideas!

  9. Loki says:

    I would feel at home there! not only because I could be me but…vegan potion meals!!

  10. tinecrane says:

    I’m thrilled to hear this news. You must be so proud of your budding entrepreneur!

  11. Michelle says:

    Julie and I are both vegan so, if he builds it, we will be there for sure!

  12. I want to stay at Pride Palace. I cannot wait, I would love to be at the ribbon cutting ceremony too. Sending you both a million virtual hugs from Los Angeles, CA.

  13. Deb Curnock says:

    Brilliant! He doesnt have to throw away those other names. Inn of the Rainbow could be a little English-style pub serving a cluster of cabins/cottages within the resort. Casa CAYA, a Meditteranean bistro, or a ballroom./disco/dance venue. And AmazingNest could be all sorts of things- maybe a cosy multi-sensory chillout venue or spa?

  14. Love the name and love this vision. We are excited to come and bring lots of kids too!

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