Our Month in Review: January 2018

Following are highlights from our month on Instagram. Click here for all of the months’ pictures, thoughts and happenings.

Let’s face it. I’ll never be as cool as this kid.


Just some logo-inspired art CJ did for our friends HRC to thank them for their help and support during the James Woods Debacle of 2017.


“I like wearing this hat because, number one, it has llamas on it. And, number two is the best of all, I feel like I have long braids hanging down.” — CJ, age 10


“My heart is beating so fast! I’m so excited!,” CJ squealed as we drove to Ulta Beauty to spend the $50 gift card Uncle Michael gave him for Christmas. He says he’s going to spend the rest of the day doing makeup and using his new straightening iron. Who’s coming over for a free makeover? He wants to order in Thai food and I’ll supply the wine.


My glam squad is getting me ready for the Golden Globes. My look is unicorn inspired with a touch of mermaid and a dash of sparkle. UPDATE: This look apparently requires several types of highlighter liberally applied. Over and over again.


When I was about CJ’s age I was obsessed with The Babysitter’s Club series. Ob-sessed. I was such a freaking Kristy, but longed to be artistic and exotic like Claudia. And urban and mature like Stacey. Seeing CJ reading this book makes my heart smile. “The kids at school are going to say it’s a girls book and babysitting is for girls,” he pointed out. We both just rolled our eyes and went back to our respective books.


“This is great lighting. Take my picture. And I’ll give you my ‘what you’re saying to me is bullshit face’.” — CJ, age 10
Maybe I should be discouraging his use of profanities. Maybe I should be discouraging having a “I’m not interested in your bullshit” facial expression in his arsenal. But, the truth is, he’s used that look a few times when it was necessary. When someone was saying something about his gender expression. And I was proud. CJ will be 11 this week. His confidence is growing. He’s sure of who he is. He’s a wonder.

  Friends who try out new slime recipes together, stay together. CJ met this new friend only a few months ago, but the connection was instant. They like to jump on the trampoline, swim, craft and create. They giggle nonstop. Seriously. Nonstop. When they grow up they are going to be interior designers and go into business together. The best part? We love the friend’s entire family. How refreshing is it when you find your people?


Can I get an “amen” up in here?



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16 Responses to Our Month in Review: January 2018

  1. Ed says:

    Oh yeah CJ Allie might just be missing your
    Friendship and hanging out together as well,

  2. Ed says:

    CJ you got a huge online support system. Hang in there, your going to be fine. What
    else is going on?

  3. AlphaMom says:

    That. Backpack.

  4. Wonderful to see CJ grow up with beautiful documentation.

  5. Holly Bartlett says:


  6. Shelly Martischewsky says:


  7. Margaret says:

    My own son just turned ten and is dieing for makeup. All of it in every shade and color. Of course I know next to nothing about makeup. Currently we are asking around to see who in our “village” can help him figure out whats what. He did just get his ears pierced and can’t wait to express himself with his impressive earing collection. Thank you for being an amazing mom and sharing your story. I share CJ’s story and pics with my son and it makes him happy to know he is not alone in his choice of gender expression.

  8. bestpi says:

    I just love the kid’s attitude and confidence. CJ is just amazing, refreshing and awesome.

  9. Ellen Bekier says:

    I love his style! Love his passion!

  10. Bruce Crane says:

    Hello CJ!

    We’ve never met but we have a commonality. Your mom, who is super lady ( your dad and brother too), is one of my wife’s clients. Her name is Christine Crane and mine is Bruce.

    I was inspired to write to you after reading this recent volume. Actually, I’ve read ALL your “RmyR” articles. I must say you have talent and intelligence beyond your years. You’ve educated the world and I predict you will continue to lead the pack throughout your years.

    Just wanted to share my appreciation to be able to follow and learn from you.

    Best wishes on all your endeavors!

    Bruce – 😎

  11. Jack Houghtby says:

    Thanks for sharing

  12. Monica says:

    Wow! 11 already! Love, love, ❤️

  13. Lisa Richardson says:

    I just love CJ’s confidence! That kid is amazing! I love his style!

    • mdaniels4 says:

      Well to be fair, I’m sure he’s really worked at it, and faced alot of stuff to get there. I’m also sure alot of it is innate, and family, but still he has come into it on his own because the sense of just wanting to be himself is so strong. Good for him. Most of us never get there.

  14. His “What you’re saying to me is bullshit” face is my favorite! The only thing I see missing is a cup of coffee in his hands to finish off the look of the cool, creative, and sophisticated kid that CJ is!

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