Our Son Is Now The Youngest Pride Grand Marshal In History

When OC Pride contacted us and asked C.J. to be their parade’s 2018 Grand Marshal, we were surprised and excited (but not nearly as excited as C.J.). Then, we learned that C.J. will be the youngest Grand Marshal in Pride Month’s 48-year history. That’s crazy!

Yesterday, HuffPost published an article about our little history maker.

It’s been one year since gender creative 11-year-old C.J. Duron attended his first pride parade, which also marks one year since conservative actor and Twitter troll James Woods attacked his family for supporting him.

This year, because sometimes the world is good, Duron, who goes by he/him pronouns, will return to O.C. Pride in Santa Ana, California ― as the youngest grand marshal in Pride Month’s 48-year history…

Click here to read the full article on HuffPost.com

And, here’s an additional official quote from C.J.

“It is such an honor to be OC Pride’s Grand Marshal and to be the youngest Pride Grand Marshal ever. It’s important to me to be an advocate and a leader and change things for the LGBTQ community. I want to change how people view the community and show people that it’s okay to be different – no matter how you are different. If I could change one thing in the world, it would be that all LGBTQ people would feel safe and be safe and have equal rights. Pride events are so amazing it feels like you are inside of a rainbow and unicorns are singing and dancing and throwing glitter in the air. In other words, Pride is extremely fun.” – C.J. Duron, age 11, the youngest Grand Marshal in Pride Month’s 48-year history.



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33 Responses to Our Son Is Now The Youngest Pride Grand Marshal In History

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  2. Riya says:

    wow best of luck CJ

  3. Donna West says:

    Way to go C.J.!!!

  4. Kendra Lee says:

    I ran across this news somewhere (HuffPo? It Gets Better?) and was SO excited for CJ. And for all those Pride goers. And for all the kids that he will inspire, and make feel included, and give HOPE that everything really WILL be okay.

    I cry every year at Pride when the PFLAG folks march with their signs of love & acceptance for their queer kids. But this year, CJ got my first tears of joy–because kids who are leading the charge for change are EVERYTHING.

  5. PhillyGuy says:

    Congrats on this!!! Happy Pride 🌈

  6. Mike says:

    I can’t wait to see CJ in all his pride glory in the parade! It’s truly Amazing!
    Happy Pride to everyone!

  7. ltrow says:

    What an honor! Congratulations CJ! Have a wonderful time…and I know you will!

  8. Elaine Z says:

    This is completely awesome! I’ve been following your story for years now and I could not be prouder if you were my own son. Throw some glitter for me, OK?

  9. pyriterenny says:


  10. April says:

    Aww, that’s so exciting!

  11. dogotek says:

    I am jealous 😉

  12. bestpi says:

    They couldn’t make a better choice. Congrats. I’m hoping for lots of videos!

  13. Ed says:

    Hey CJ…been following you since I reading Raising My Rainbow…This is amazing honor and they picked the right person to be Grand Marshall. Best wishes and hope you have a blast at the parade. I look forward to my emails I receive, to hear how your doing.

  14. cass says:

    This gives me so much life. Love and sparkles from the UK ❤

  15. Monica Converse says:

    You are one amazing family!!! GO CJ Go!!! You are the change the world so desperately needs!!! ❤️🌈❤️

  16. Holly B says:

    This is wonderful! Happy pride!

  17. bobito says:

    Wonderful news for CJ – I have really been rooting for him a lot this year, with the uplifting success of Adam Rippon in the Olympics & then Dancing With the Stars, going on at the same time CJ was being treated so unkindly by his former friends in school. If we ever needed an “It gets better” story (and somebody always will need one), that was the time – and lo & behold! It DOES get better, sometimes in a matter of months. So my heart is doing a little happy dance for you all and especially CJ. Rest assured, there are people standing with you all over the world, even if you can’t always see them.

  18. William Borkowski says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love your whole family! Congrats to C.J. and congrats to you and your husband for being such amazing parents

  19. harriet neal says:

    how fun and wundalful for the entire family.

  20. Virginia Gaines says:

    Just a beautiful, loving, supportive family. Blessings all of you. The way the world SHOULD be.

  21. Wow! Congratulations, CJ!!!

  22. Lance says:

    Happy Pride Month!

  23. Proud of CJ’s accomplishments. Due recognition!

  24. I have been following your beautiful journey for years CJ, couldn’t be prouder of the young person you are growing into. It’s time for the butterfly to spread its wings and fly. Enjoy every second of it, you gorgeous unicorn.

  25. Julia Waters says:

    I’ve been following your families story since the beginning, when CJ was 3. I feel like a member of your extended family at this point, having shared in all of the joys and inevitable pain that growing up different can bring. I’m so happy that your family is getting recognized for the incredible difference you’ve made, and my heart smiles knowing that despite the bullying and isolation that CJ may be struggling with at school, that the LGBTQ community has made it clear that he belongs and is loved. Happy Pride to CJ and all of the Duron Family! -Julia from Oakland, CA

  26. kencuth says:

    As so often, this made me teary. CJ is a beacon in this too-often-painful world!

  27. L. P. Malmsten says:

    Just riding on a float was fun for me- you will LOVE being Grand Marshall. (And think how great that will be when you put it on your resume (ask your parents.)) Have a Blast!!!limalms@att. Elim

  28. You go CJ – congratulations!!!!

  29. Alex says:

    That’s amazing and so very well deserved! CJ is going to have the best day of his life,. Are you going to do an untucked blog on Drag Con? That so looked fun!

  30. They picked the best (and most awesome!) person for the job!!!

  31. Terri Berryman says:

    I truly wish I could attend the parade to see the amazing Grand Marshal! Congrats to CJ and family, and may the event be a most memorable one filled with rainbows and unicorns!

  32. samatwitch says:

    Congratulations, CJ! I know you will be not only the youngest Pride Grand Marshall ever but certainly one of the best.

  33. mdaniels4 says:

    Very cool. Have a great time!

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