Yeah, But Dr. Phil’s Boys Like to Marry Barbies, Not Play With Them…

Super interesting read and makes this mama sad.  I’m off to ponder this over mojitos by the beach….

What Does Dr. Phil Think Parents Should Do When Their Sons Play With Barbies? Take Away The Barbies.

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C.J. would cry massive tears and be traumatized for life if I took away his Barbies.


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5 Responses to Yeah, But Dr. Phil’s Boys Like to Marry Barbies, Not Play With Them…

  1. Truebug says:

    I know I am eons late to this posting party, but I just recently stumbled across your blog and am reading it in consecutive order. First off, I always feel incredibly silly patting any parent on the back for what, in essence, is the core of their job description. Namely, loving and accepting their child, and encouraging that child to love and accept his/herself. Still, here I am saying Bravo! because unfortunately, truly unconditional love coupled with the bravery required to live in truth, aren’t as common as one might think. I live in an extremely open-minded and liberal area, and gender bias still exists on the pre-k level. It is pervasive. But I digress…

    What I really wanted to say, the reason I just had to respond to this post, was because in reading the comments I realized that no one ever said, “Screw Dr. Phil! That man is an idiot!” I know name calling is not kind, or productive, but it can be cathartic, and true. It is awful to think that this man is capable of spewing his down-home, “no-nonsense,” BS to millions of viewers, but it is important for us to also remember that he is neither “enlightened” nor “wise.” Merely getting rich off of telling other people what HE thinks is wrong with them. Not to mention, he’s unlicensed!

  2. SliceOfRy983 says:

    Yeah, Dr. Phil may say this, but Dr. Phil doesn’t know you, your son, your amazing family, and the strength and courage all of us gays get from mothers like you and the fun times we had playing with our Barbies. Don’t let his ignorant and unfounded comments change the great things you’re doing! 🙂 Love the blog! Keep it coming!

  3. mmmexperimental says:

    His remarks are amazingly out of touch. How many years of anxiety, depression, and fear of rejection do we save our children by not being judgmental as his remarks clearly show him to be. I found his remarks to be so prejudicial. It is a difficult world to live in without our parents making it more so. I applaud your love for your child and the acceptance you give him. And you are right. It would so hurt him & traumatize him. The memories he has now even if he can’t name them later are the memories that will shape his inner joy and well being. I feel sorry for any child whose parents listen to Phil. And I congratulate you and your son for the journey you are sharing together!

  4. Qwerty says:

    Don’t ponder this for too long, you’re an awesome mother, and Dr. Phil couldn’t be more wrong about these stupid remarks he’s making. People are born gay, and the only difference is that if you let him play with these toys, you can make him feel loved, accepted, and supported, regardless of what he turns out to be; or you can punish him for doing nothing wrong, and then if he is gay, make him feel alone in this. You’re doing such a good job being there for him, and frankly, you should be telling mothers what to do with their sons and Barbies, not “doctor” Phil. And really, I don’t see your son ever not feeling supported, because you’ve protected him every step of the way, and most gay guys probably wish they had a mother like you when they were young. But I’d ignore it, haters will hate, and ignorant people will always spew nonsense.

  5. Mitch says:

    My mom always tells me about these good bits of advice she hears on Dr. Phil. It made me sad to hear him such a recommendation. I can’t believe someone so “enlightened” and “wise” would offer such backwards advice. How shameful.

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