My Son Is Not Blue He Is Pink

In honor of LGBT Families Day (June 3, 2013), GLAAD contacted me and asked me to publish something on a topic related to LGBT families.  Instead of a blog post, I wrote the following poem.

My son is not blue he is pink.

He twirls.

He sparkles.

He captivates.


My son is not blue he is pink.

He skips in his dress.

Wears his nightgown to bed.

Paints his nails with a steady hand.


My son is not blue he is pink.

He dreams of being a grown up.

The girl on top of the wedding cake

and a daddy who is more like a mommy.


I grew up with a boy who was not blue but was pink.

Who loved Wonder Woman.

Who turned into a rainbow.

Who watches his nephew and smiles.


A pink mom married to blue dad raising two boys — one blue and one pink.

Boys who can be any color of their choice.

Love the person of their choice.

Live the life of their choice.


Because when you are a family with a boy who is not blue — but is pink,

you learn to not care what other people think.



About raisingmyrainbow is a blog about the adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.
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31 Responses to My Son Is Not Blue He Is Pink

  1. Lovely poem! By the way, are you going to pay a visit to Marc & Fausto’s podcast to promote your book? I just told them (reminded them?) it’s due out: 🙂

  2. Dena says:

    I just love your prom 🙂
    I have a boy that is pink and I love him so much and I don’t care what other people think. He is 13

  3. Mujer says:

    My (gay) son’s partner was very pink as a child and his mother accepted this but unfortunately he had to be more “blue” outside the home. He wears my high heels when he visits for fun ( he is 24) and he does my hair. He cooks wonderfully. My son loves him and so do I and I adore his mother for loving him as a child in the late 80’s just the was he is.

  4. dadsjustknow says:

    Amazing! I know the other side of this I am a trans person. Female to male trans dad actually. Love your children for who they are, you truly are inspiring mother to parents everywhere!

  5. Cara says:

    That was very well written!

  6. Chris -- not always conforming either says:

    Well written!

  7. pinkagendist says:

    But I was pink first 😛

  8. lsawyer713 says:

    Wonderful voice for your child!

  9. Christie Draper says:

    This rocks!

  10. StarSpry says:

    This is a beautiful poem!

  11. N.j. Nielsen says:

    Wonderful – thanks for sharing.

  12. Nancy Avery says:

    May I have your permission to share this for the Children’s story at church on sunday? I am wearing my wedding dress in honor of our 40th wedding anniversary and in celebration of the passage of Marriage Equality Ref. 74 in WA> however we still need to learn and grow in understanding of transgender issues- this says it beautifully for kids and adults.. I will give you and your blog full credit. Nancy

  13. Tom Janus says:

    Simple and powerful…I love it…)))

  14. Beautifully spoken. It’s not a poem, but words spoken from a heart full of love. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Marina says:

    (for start, sorry for my bad english, I’m brazilian)
    I just loved this! I love your blog.
    I have a cousin who is blue, not pink. Well… She was mean to me when we were kids. Everybody knew about her choices, but nobody ever said nothing. I never understood why she was different, people seemed to be relieved because I didn’t liked her. Today we are great friends, but our family isn’t the most acceptable one. In the past she would dress more like a boy, I think that was for show the family her choices, so they would see and she wouldn’t have to talk about it. Her mother said she was too rebel, and send her to live with her dad, who is kinda crazy, but accepted her the way she is. Today she is more like a girl, just that she likes other girls. Everybody gives me ‘the look’ when I talk about her, like I would change my gender choices just for being her friend, like it’s a bad thing. They keep talking about her behind her back, I keep defending her, but she’s not doing nothing wrong. That’s just sad. I hope to be like you if I have kids someday.
    By the way, I showed her your blog and she was just amazed! She said everything you do for your kid is jast so cute..

  16. Vic Anne says:

    That is so beautiful! Super fabulous, C.J.’s mom! ❤

  17. jerbearinsantafe says:

    Reblogged this on JerBear's Musings & Memories and commented:
    A wonderful poem – I wish every pink boy and blue girl had a family like this.

  18. Christy says:

    My daughter is blue, she’s never liked pink, and I’m with you,
    I don’t care what people think!
    She is who she is, happy and free,
    And I hope the world will allow her to just BE!
    To be strong, creative, loving, smart,
    And to undeniably, unabashedly always follow her heart.
    Written by: Christy, 2013.

    • Summer says:

      I love it!!!!!! Langdon loves pink and purple and has a sweet heart but likes sports too. I hope he never changes.

  19. CJ says:

    Blue. Pink. What difference does it make? Beautiful post!

  20. serenityh says:

    Very pretty poem.

  21. Lance says:

    Wonderful! ❤

  22. stjamespcdc says:

    Like, like, like and love

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  24. Jen says:

    So sweet! You have a lovely family. 🙂

  25. Kat says:


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