C.J. Returns To Palm Springs…Finally

Since his first trip there in May of 2011, Palm Springs has been C.J.’s favorite destination. He refers to it fondly as the “the place with the rainbow flags.”

We kept C.J. away from his town for much too long. So, a few weeks ago, we surprised C.J. and Chase by picking them up early from school and heading to Palm Springs. C.J. squealed with delight the entire way there.

“Did you pack some of my dresses?” he asked as we drove.


“My lip gloss?”


“My nightgown?”


“My leave in conditioner?”


And so it went, on and on during the two-hour drive.

We stayed at a truly fabulous house owned by one of my readers. The house is called, fittingly for C.J., Palm Springs Glam — or PS Glam for short.

PS Glam

C.J. has decided that when he grows up he is going to move to Palm Springs and live in the PS Glam House. He is not concerned what the home’s owners think of his plans.

Until he’s ready to leave our un-glam home, he’d like to have a PS Glam inspired bedroom. He refers to PS Glam as if it is it’s own interior design style.

Waiting for us in the fridge were a dozen rainbow cupcakes from Over The Rainbow Desserts. I scored major points when I let the boys (and Matt) eat them not only for dessert, but for breakfast too.

August September 2014 088

These pictures hung in the room C.J. claimed for his own and now he wants them to hang in his bedroom at home as well. I cannot say yes to his request at this time.

“That girl is a hot mess!” he said when he first saw the pictures.

“That’s two different girls, not one,” I informed him.

“Wow, that’s two hot mess girls. Are they friends?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I like them. I think they’re funny. I want those pictures in my room.”

photo 3-4 photo 2-6

Within 30 minutes of our arrival, we pleasantly realized that Palm Springs still does something to C.J. He feels free there. Like he can breathe uninhibited there. And, run around the grass in his grandmother’s nightgown there.

August September 2014 183

He was so in his element and inspired, that he insisted on a photo shoot.

August September 2014 137

August September 2014 118


August September 2014 121

After a long day of modeling, he put on his favorite shirt, a purple tee with cap sleeves that says “I woke up like this,” and paired it with his tight white shorts. He played in the misters in front of the restaurant, twirling, dancing and entertaining those who dined alfresco. When the misters started to turn his shorts translucent, I said it was time to go.

August September 2014 174

We walked the strip and C.J. commented on many sights. For a brief moment, he wanted to be this for Halloween because it reminded him of Katy Perry. I love Katy Perry, but I would not love this outfit on my seven-year-old. So, I’m glad he changed his mind.

photo 2-5

He also wanted this mask, but was very disappointed by whoever merchandised the window because he did not approve of the mask paired with a plaid, flannel shirt. He talked about that for a while.

photo 1-6

The next day, before we left, C.J. worked on some of his fashion designs.

photo 3-3

And enjoyed pool time with his Dad while Chase and I watched a movie.

August September 2014 172

When we were packing up to leave the PS Glam House, C.J. saw a postcard with pictures of other properties owned by my reader. He studied those pictures like he was picking Christmas presents out of the Target catalog.

“I want to have my next birthday party at that house,” he said referring to the PS Mid-Century House. “And, then I want to keep it as my present.”

I think C.J. is bound to make a home in Palm Springs…whether that home’s owners like it or not.





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25 Responses to C.J. Returns To Palm Springs…Finally

  1. Suky says:

    I love the photo of them in the pool. So wonderful.
    You have a wonderful family, congrats.

  2. Kiya Krier - Runs With Blisters says:

    That photo shoot. Too much. I love it. And his hair is so gorgeous. Reminds me of my little brother’s color. He always insisted he had ORANGE hair, not red.

  3. Lance says:

    What a wonderful family trip! I have never visited Palm Springs, but hope I can in the near future. I will be visiting San Francisco for the first time next month and I imagine I will feel some measure of that freedom.

  4. Lisa says:

    This post, especially the photo of CJ running so freely made my day! He is a truly amazing and wonderful kid! I’m sure he will do great things some day.

  5. Adon says:

    AS always, love your updates on your great family….Adon

  6. Jaime C says:

    I was browsing through the library app on my nook and came across your book. I started it last night and could not put it down. You are your husband are a true inspiration to other parents! Kids need to be themselves no matter what that is! C.J. is fabulous and I hope you continue this blog throughout the years. I would love to know where your story leads him and Chase and your family.

  7. We were so happy to have your family stay with us. Glad to see everyone had a great time. It makes my heart smile to see CJ so happy.

    The “two hot mess” girls are Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan. It was our ode to the “Fallen starlet” amidst all the glitter and glamour.

    Bruce, Keith and Richard

  8. Jessica says:


  9. Ninoshka Benitez says:

    I really admire the strong, courageous person you are!! You’re a wonderful mother and your husband is a great dad for sticking by his son traditional or not. I know what is is for people to look at me and talk about me because of my sexuality, but reading your book and seeing your blogs and how happy Cj is at his age is such a pleasant sight. If atleast one more lgbt kid has loving parents it’s definitely a plus!!!!!! Keep up the good work Mom!!

  10. I so admire C.J.; that he knows what he likes, and it completely into it. The house in Palm Springs is so rad! Beautiful!! If CJ’s interest in fashion design continues and grows as he grows up, keep New York City or London in the back of your mind for fashion schools. My nephew is in his second year at Parson’s New School in NYC, and he’s in heaven there. He’d rather be in London, but NYC is more affordable. C.J. rocks!

  11. riselikeair says:

    I’m so glad CJ has a place that makes his heart sing and where he feels truly at home. We all need places like that. Beautiful post to start my day.

  12. Brian says:

    What a great thing to read first thing in the morning, and I bet Palm Springs is nice an warm, unlike here (I don’t like the cold)

  13. swoolfor says:

    First of all, that is quite the home! Secondly, your rainbow has the coolest sense of style! His modeling was spot on. And I do agree with him, that mask and the flannel… tacky. 😉

  14. Ellen says:

    Love this post! I cannot wait to see what CJ designs when he is older!! Such a creative and beautiful child!

  15. overlordlhj4 says:

    Did he draw that picture he was coloring??Because if he did, well fudge!!He draws better than me!!And I have been at it for a few years or so!

  16. Jesse Ryan says:

    Love this post! Hilarious and so sweet!

  17. He’s such a cutie. I love how long his hair’s getting 🙂

  18. Bennett says:

    PS has the very same effect on me! I relish my times there. He has great taste in homes. Bless your reader who supplied PSGlam.

  19. Dude’s got more style than all of us combined.

  20. jerbearinsantafe says:

    Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer World News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    A truly delightful tale of a gender creative boy’s trip to Palm Springs…

  21. David Gray says:

    Saw and heard you at the Stonewall Book Awards. I would definitely like to talk to you about a reading in Palm Springs, as well as perhaps working or helping with the Transgender Day of Remembrance here. David Gray, Principal, Gray Public Relations & Marketing, & Trustee, Palm Springs Public Library.

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