C.J.’s Christmas Wish List 2015

CJ SantaA life-size stuffed animal giraffe (Yes, he still wants this. No, he’s not getting it.)

The American Girl Doll Bitty Baby with red hair and green eyes to match his (He might be getting this.)

A full size, real life arcade claw machine filled with prizes (He says he’s checked around and it’s only $150 installed. I do not believe him. I do not know who he checked with.)

A crop top (We’ve explained countless times that crop tops are allowed if worn over a long layering tank. He is not thrilled with layering in this instance.)

Jeggings with lots of rips in them (I couldn’t find his size all ripped up. He’ll have to settle for a deconstructed wash.)

Gogo boots (Because of course.)

Ballet flats with sparkles and jewels. NOT BORING ONES! (I hope the ones I got are FLASHY enough for him.)

30th Anniversary Strawberry Shortcake (“I like everything ‘old school’.” – C.J.)

A remote control car that his Monster High dolls can ride in (I hope the Monster High kids will ride in a Bratz make and model because that’s all I could find that fit the bill.)

A hover board (No.)

Magnetic earrings (Yes.)

A real or toy white-on-white Range Rover (No.)

Shopkins (Yes.)

A porcupine (No.)

The latest iPhone in rose gold (No.)

A trip to Hawaii (No.)


Whatever you wished for this holiday season, I hope you get it. If the holidays aren’t a happy time for you, hang in there. Let’s all meet up again in 2016!





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30 Responses to C.J.’s Christmas Wish List 2015

  1. ravinj says:

    Fun list! I caved on crop tops a while back. I’m with you on the hoverboard, and the big “no” at the top of my 12 year old’s list is a mermaid tail, the kind to actually wear in the pool.

  2. auntiemip says:

    With wishes of joy and peace on this first Christmas without Nana Grab Bags!

  3. quilteresq says:

    Hey, I want Santa to give me a trip to Hawaii, but I don’t think he’s coming through for me either.

  4. susinko says:

    Awww! C.J. never gives up! That’ll serve him well in the future. I am in complete agreement with the crop top. Luckily my daughter loves longer flowing tops.

    I’m getting what I want for Christmas! My little one is due any day now!

  5. May says:

    I have wanted one of those life-size giraffes for years. As yet, no one has believed that I am serious. Or maybe they are a little more realistic about the height of my ceilings.

  6. Hajo says:

    Merry christmas, and, well, thanks. Nou Í really want a life-sized stuffed giraffe and a porcupine. 😦

  7. My SIL runs her own online toy business, but doesn’t have kids of her own. She has a really hard time understanding that my nonconforming nine-year-old isn’t into toys any more. He has a long, realistic Christmas list that includes a variety of sassy theatre shirts, piano sheet music books, minecraft handbooks, dance handbooks, stage make-up, and a lighted make-up mirror. Inevitably, although this list was provided, there will likely be lots of remote control cars and action figure toys waiting for him. It always presents an awkward situation for me because my kid has figured out that some of this stuff can be returned, and he always wants to return it to get stuff he wants. My SIL, however, wants to come over and play with the stuff with him. Last year, we spent like three months lying about the whereabouts of one of the gifts to avoid hurting her feelings. I don’t know why I feel obligated to try to avoid hurting her feelings when we are quite upfront about his preferences.

    • trans_kid says:

      Don’t. If she asks, just remind her of his feminine wants and that her gifts are hurting his feelings/invalidating his gender identity. If possible, exchange the gift for a ‘girl toy’ they can play with, or even just a pink version of the car, etc.

      • Dan Woog says:

        What a shame that your SIL doesn’t understand that gifts are about the recipient, not the giver.

      • Tiffany says:

        Trans_kid, Sarah Rhapsody didn’t actually say her son likes “girl” toys, she said he isn’t really interested in toys. Buying the pink versions isn’t going to solve the problem.

        Sarah, if this is a regular occurrence with your sister, then I think it’s past time to address the situation head-on. I understand not wanting to hurt your sister’s feelings, but, as a close relative, (as opposed to a casual acquaintance–in that case, I’d just suggest the kid say thank you and move on) she should know and care about what your child’s interested in, not what SHE thinks he should want. He’s growing up, and she needs to accept that his interests are going to evolve.

        If what she’s looking for is a shared experience with him, then toys aren’t really the best choice anyway. It sounds like theatre tickets (even to a local production) would be both a more appreciated gift, AND an opportunity for her to spend time with her nephew.

      • trans_kid says:

        Yes, but I think SIL just wants to hang out with her nephew. If there is another way for them to hang out, then totally. But if the only way for them to connect is to have the aunt play a game with the kid, don’t you think he could humor her? Yes, I agree that she should honor his wants, but the thing I see the most issue with is her buying him ‘boy’ things. Yes, the gift should be something HE wants, but compromise is good, right?

    • May says:

      I think I’d probably say, “We really appreciate the fact that you got X a gift and that you want X to enjoy that gift, but it is difficult for us when you buy something that is so far from what X enjoys and he wants to exchange it for something else, but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Can we make it easier for you to get something that X will appreciate, so that everyone is happy?” Something like that. Honesty is nearly always the best approach – being honest about the fact that you are grateful for the thought behind the gift, and do not want to hurt her feelings, and are in a difficult position. If she is offended and angry, well, that’s kind of on her.

    • trans_kid says:

      May, I completely agree. The SIL wants to hang with kid, if kid doesn’t like toys anymore (although most nine-year-olds haven’t outgrown them completely), do something else the kid wants. But most nine-year-olds would be willing to play for a short period of time.

  8. Wow, this kid’s optimistic! A trip to Hawaii?? I used to be content just circling half the items in the toy catalog… Merry Christmas to all the family 🙂

  9. trans_kid says:

    Tell C.J. merry christmas
    And I got bored of ‘gender expansive,’ so I’m rocking ‘gendercool’ 🙂

  10. The boy knows what he likes! your parenting style warms my heart.

  11. Ed says:

    Merry Christmas Lori Dad Chase CJ.
    Happy New Year as well.

  12. dawnrd@yahoo.com says:

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  13. Matteo says:

    Thanks for telling me to hang in there, made my day!

  14. Sister Unity says:

    I wish for more time with my mom and step dad and step mom. I love them very much. Merry Christmas to you and the 3 boys.

  15. Garen Copeland says:

    I’d be willing to donate toward the life-size stuffed giraffe if I get partial custody. Merry Christmas, guys!

  16. Janie says:

    Love this list! My son is eleven and there are several items on your list that my son asked for this year as well as years in the past! I enjoy your post! Happy Holidays avd thank you for sharing!

  17. Hadassah Gourarie says:

    Thank you for sharing your family life with us all

  18. brenda says:

    No to the claw machine AND the HoverBoard? well aren’t you the meanest mom in town….. Either way Merry Christmas and wishing you the best that 2016 has to offer

  19. mommy2madilyn says:

    I wish you and your entire family happiness and peace this holiday season and the rest of the year!! You are a wonderful, inspirational family!

  20. Harriet says:

    what a wondaful sensible list (adjusted by mom) for christmas. may all four of you have a great holiday season and wishing all a fantabulous new year.

  21. mdaniels4 says:

    Merry Christmas, Durons! All The best in 2016!!!

    And to everone else who has contributed so much throughout the year(s)

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