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C.J. At Play

C.J. and Chase had two weeks off for winter break.  They were a long two weeks, as they tend to be when the kids are out of school.  Over the break, Chase — who has considered a future behind the … Continue reading

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Star Of The Week

The first weeks of school are always a little rough for C.J. (and me).  There are a lot of new things.  New routines.  New classroom.  New teacher.  New classmates. We’ve found that he self-edits more than ever in the first … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want My Boy To Want A Boy Costume

Halloween is a reminder of how much our family has evolved. The Halloween before last, our three and a half year old son wanted to dress up as Snow White and we were panic-stricken. What would people say?  How would … Continue reading

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Are Gender Nonconforming Kids Special Needs Kids?

“Do you ever feel like you’re raising a special needs child?,” a friend asked me recently. “Yes, but I feel bad saying it,” I admitted. “You shouldn’t,” she assured me.  “My husband and I say all that the time that … Continue reading

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Here I Am!

Hey Everybody!  Some of you have noticed that I went M.I.A. last week.  I was actually in Greece on “holiday” as super-fancy people here in the states call it; the rest of us call it vacation.  Either way, C.J.’s Dad … Continue reading

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