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Survey Says: We Need to Educate Educators About Rights of LGBTQ Students

(This post can also be read at HuffingtonPost.com) During the last two weeks, I’ve read and heard a lot of misinformation about the rescission of federal guidance previously given to schools regarding the use of restrooms and single sex spaces … Continue reading

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Dress Code Debacle

It’s end-of-the-school-year season around here. For middle school and high school students, that means there are lots of events happening for which the youth are expected to look extra nice and fancy. Which also means it’s a time when schools … Continue reading

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California Department of Education Lies, Does Not Investigate LGBTQ Bullying

Like my son, Ronin Shimizu was a young boy living in California. He was a cheerleader, like my son hopes to be one day. Ronin is described as positive and happy, like my son is often described. He endured bullying … Continue reading

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