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My 11 Year Old Was Just Dumped By His Best Friend Because He’s Gay

This piece originally appeared on HuffPost. My son C.J. lay in my arms all night. He cried until a restless sleep found him, then he whimpered rhythmically. If I moved away, he moved toward me so that our cheeks were … Continue reading

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Survey Says: We Need to Educate Educators About Rights of LGBTQ Students

(This post can also be read at HuffingtonPost.com) During the last two weeks, I’ve read and heard a lot of misinformation about the rescission of federal guidance previously given to schools regarding the use of restrooms and single sex spaces … Continue reading

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Trick-or-Treating Purse First

Halloween is a night for boys to dress up as their heroes: firefighters, police officers, military personnel, baseball players and superheroes. My nine-year-old son C.J. is no different from most boys. He’ll dress up as his hero for Halloween. His … Continue reading

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The New Gender Binary

Binary: (adj.) consisting of, indicating, or involving two. When I first started blogging about my adventures in raising a gender creative son, I wasn’t very educated when it came to gender. All I knew is that I wanted everybody to … Continue reading

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Music Video Exclusive: Tom Goss’s Breath and Sound

I met award-winning musician Tom Goss when he asked our family to appear in the music video for his song “Illuminate The Dark” – a song about the devastating effects of negatively judging people based on looks and before knowing anything about them. My … Continue reading

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Friday Fodder: Here I Am! Edition

Hey Strangers! It’s been a while! C.J. had a case of pneumonia (bless his heart) that WOULD.  NOT.  GO.  AWAY.  Several trips to the hospital and several rounds of different medications and he finally kicked the thing right as Grandma and … Continue reading

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Monday Fodder: Atlanta, Chase and Football

  Atlanta…I’m coming for you.  This Wednesday through Sunday, I’ll be in town for Salon LGBTQ, the first national LGBTQ social media conference.   Friday, Oct. 18, at 2:15 p.m.: I’ll be part of a panel titled “Raising (and Writing About) the Next Generation of LGBTQ … Continue reading

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