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Survey Says: We Need to Educate Educators About Rights of LGBTQ Students

(This post can also be read at HuffingtonPost.com) During the last two weeks, I’ve read and heard a lot of misinformation about the rescission of federal guidance previously given to schools regarding the use of restrooms and single sex spaces … Continue reading

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Our Bathroom Bullying Story, Actions to Take and FAQs to Know

I’ve been an unhealthy mix of sad, disappointed, pissed, worried and ready to take action since learning that the Trump administration would rescind the federal guidance support for transgender student’s use of restrooms and other single sex spaces. Being differently … Continue reading

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I No Longer Live Life Ahead Of My Son; I Live Life With My Son

Six years. It’s been six years since I launched this blog. My gender nonconforming son was three at the time. He was newly potty trained, loved the Disney Princesses and had a limited vocabulary. Now, he’s a nine-year-old fourth grader … Continue reading

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What I Got for Christmas, By CJ

Hieeeeeeeeeeeee. I got so many things for Christmas. And I love them all. But here are my favorites. LED Sneakers: They light up and you can change the colors. You can also make the lights flash or change colors on … Continue reading

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All My Son Wants For Christmas…

Spoiler Alert: I allude to some things about Santa that you may not want your child to read. It’s a different kind of Christmas in our house this year. It’s C.J.’s first Christmas knowing that thing about Santa that only … Continue reading

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I’m The Dad Of A Boy Who Loves Drag Queens

The day after Halloween, Matt posted a short essay to Huffington Post about Bob The Drag Queen surprising C.J. and trick-or-treating with him. Following is the not-as-short, unabridged version. I think Matt is the best father ever, but I’m a … Continue reading

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Trick-or-Treating Purse First

Halloween is a night for boys to dress up as their heroes: firefighters, police officers, military personnel, baseball players and superheroes. My nine-year-old son C.J. is no different from most boys. He’ll dress up as his hero for Halloween. His … Continue reading

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Back to School Blues…and Pinks

All summer, every summer, I can’t wait for school to start again. When the kids are in school, there are less “I’m bored” complaints, less money spent, less full layers of sunscreen to apply/reapply, less sand everywhere and there’s more … Continue reading

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Pediatricians should not be transgender children’s first bully

C.J. and Chase recently made their professional speaking debut in Washington, D.C., at an annual meeting for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). AAP invited us and another family to speak to meeting attendees about caring for gender nonconforming and … Continue reading

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My Son Sees Gay People

It started about six months ago, right around his ninth birthday, that’s when my son starting seeing gay people. We were driving through West Hollywood on our way to Uncle Michael’s. Stopped at a red light on Santa Monica Boulevard, … Continue reading

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